March 01, 2022

Q & A with Australian duo Coppola and Painter!

My next guest in 2022 for my blog series THE MIRACLE OF MUSIC is a duo from Sydney. Inspired by legends such as The Beatles and Elvis Presley these two friends have started their musical journey at a very young age. 

Giovanni and Rod, welcome to my blog series. Please introduce yourself to my international blog visitors!

We are Giovanni and Rod, and we're from Sydney Australia. Our new album is called 'Palladium' by Coppola and Painter. We've been friends for 35 years, playing in a few bands in the 80's and 90's, playing around Australia during this time. We didn't play live together for quite a few years, and then coming together in recent years to write music, realising the magic was still present and deciding to work toward the completion of our album 'Palladium' to which we're really proud of.

We pretty much wrote and recorded all our songs in Giovanni's music room, and have two songs on the album co-written with two great friends and amazing musicians 'Andrew Bukowski' and 'Greg Bullen' and invited a few guest muso's to play on our tunes, being Andrew (Guitar) on a few tracks, Peter Coppola (Guitar) Raelene Coppola (Backing Vocals) Stewart Gillies (Drums) and Amanda Jenkins (Bass), and had the album mastered in Indonesia. Thanks so much, everyone for your love, kindness, and support on the completed record.

(Giovanni) My hobbies are Movies, running, riding, walking, and finding places to hide. I have a man cave and love writing in there.

(Rod) Also movies, gym, karate, and writing children's stories and mindfulness/spiritual quotes. In the early 90's we also performed one of Giovanni's original song 'I'll Always Be There' on the Australian TV show known as StarSearch, in our band at the time called 'Az One'. We didn’t win but we had a great time, coming up against the eventual Grand final winners. 

That clip is available to view on our FB page 'Palladium' by Coppola & Painter. It’s a good laugh to look back and we had hair back then lol. Click here to watch!

Wonderful. Tell me at what age did you two discover your love and passion for music?

(Giovanni) I do have a vivid memory of holding the hand of my grandmother. I must have been 4-5. She asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I pointed to a piano in the store window. That’s when it started.

(Rod) music was my escape as a child, and I recall also around five, listening the Beatle's record 'Oldies But Goldies' Yellow Submarine was my favourite back then. I thought I was the 5th Beatle, and still love the Beatles to this day.

Awwww, how lovely. The sooner we find our passion in life, the better we become at it. In my opinion, everyone should be able to play at least one instrument. Isn’t it remarkable how we are influenced and inspired as kids by talented and legendary artists such as The Beatles. So when did you start to sing and play an instrument?

(Giovanni) Officially piano lessons started at 5. At the age of 10-11 I was the official kiss cover act. Visiting all the classrooms and doing my kiss act with a few others. During the first week of high school, I got up in front of the whole school at its yearly talented quest and did an Elvis rendition of Hound dog. I was stuck with the nick name “Elvis” for the rest of my schooling years.

(Rod) Pretty much only sang Beatles songs from a very young age, maybe even 5 when I first started listening lol, and purchased so many Beatle albums when I had the money and posters everywhere. I didn’t venture past the Beatles until I was around 14 or 15 and then fell in love with U2, and then joined my first band at 15. I did receive some vocal tuition from around 17 for a few years.

Elvis Presley and the Beatles. Wow! Such iconic artists and songs are living on from generation to generation. Guys, do you think you have your love for music in your DNA? Are your parents or siblings into music as well?

(Giovanni) Music has always been a part of our family. Two of my three siblings have been musicians for most of their lives.

(Rod) I'm not aware of any of my extended family being formally trained, however, my parents and siblings are great singers, and my two sons play piano and guitar and are also great singers, but they rarely sing in front of me, which I wish they would.

Excellent, so the talent lives on. Do you believe that music has the power to heal? Do you believe in the miracle of music?

(Giovanni) From my point of view, music is the language of Angels. It definitely heals. There are plenty of studies out there which confirm this. As for miracles, well perhaps something very close to miracles. Music can start a revolution. It evokes emotion and can bind the hearts and minds of the masses. It is powerful!

(Rod) Beautifully said Giovanni, Ditto.

The language of Angels! Very well said. Love your point of view! Really inspiring Giovanni. I always say Music brings people from all generations, countries, cultures, and religions together. I guess you agree? Do you have an explanation why?

(Rod) Music speaks in a language beyond words alone, it feels and resonates in the heart and soul of the listener, Recalling memories from a time once was, and reliving emotions that were present in times that have passed. Its significance to conjure awareness of where it was gifted within the world and the era from which it came is like no other.

Guys, tell me what do you like to achieve with your music? What is your goal?

(Giovanni) If I write song and it inspires just one person then I feel like I have met my objective. I see it has doing two things really. 1. Help me get in touch with my soul and 2. Bring joy to others.

(Rod) Happiness and Joy, and the evoking of deep emotion and deep reflection.

When you write your own song lyrics, what’s your main message to the world?

(Giovanni) In my lyrics …my main message to the world? Mmm. Love. Peace. Forgiveness. I guess that’s it.

(Rod) Yep ditto Giovanni, me too!

There are so many talented artists and new releases out there. Why should people buy and listen to your music?

(Giovanni) Why should people listen to our music? Give the album a listen once through. I’ll let the songs speak for themselves.

(Rod) I think as Giovanni mentioned that they are nicely written, feeling and thought provoking, divinely gifted tunes. As Molly Meldrum would say. "Do yourself a favour and go and get yourself a copy" well stream in this case from all major streaming outlets lol

Where can my blog visitors connect with you and listen to your music?

Coppola and Painter have a FB page 'Palladium' and a Youtube page also if anyone is interested in following us and seeing/hearing our new tunes as we write them. We're hoping to catch up this year to write some more new songs, and who knows perhaps a new album depending on how the world works and songs are gifted.

Thank you so much Lily for taking the time to interview us, and thanks to your readers for also learning a little about us. We hope you love the album.

No, thank you for being my first Australian guest in my new blog series about music. It is always exciting to talk to people from another continent. That’s the beauty and miracle of music, it brings us together!

I wish you both the best of luck with your lovely album. Keep inspiring and empowering people with your passion. 

Rod, I know that you are also a writer and I'm happy to announce that next month, we will be talking about your three books! 

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