January 02, 2022

Be my guest in my new blog series!

When you live in such a difficult, challenging, and corrupt time full of Pinocchios around you, next to you, beside you and especially above you, who dictate and manipulate the globe, you have to find a way to escape from reality and find your peace of mind, heart, and soul. 

One of the best ways to do that besides reading books is listening to music because music is healing. 

Inspired by my latest story, "Lennon, The Miracle of Music", I'm starting a brand new blog series for 2022 with the title THE MIRACLE OF MUSIC. I love to promote talented artists. 

If you are a songwriter, musician, composer, or singer and open for a Q&A, please contact me through Instagram @Lily.Amis or Twitter @nassimadesign  and let us promote your latest inspiring and empowering work and bring some joy and happiness to you and into peoples life.

Let us spread some positive and hopeful energy and make 2022 an unforgettable year filled with lots of love, dream, desire, and new goals for the young and young at heart from all over the world! 

If you like to discover new artists and music, like/follow THE MIRACLE OF MUSIC Facebook page. And if you are a lyricist, musician, singer, songwriter, producer or composer join my supportive Facebook Group today! 

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