January 10, 2022

Q & A with Persian popsinger Pooriya Pirsabzi

My second guest in 2022 for my blog series THE MIRACLE OF MUSIC is a Persian Pop Singer. Pooriya Pirsabzi is thirty-two and from Gachsaran city in Iran.

The journey of life is all about discovering and developing yourself. Find out who you are, what you are good at, what you enjoy doing the most, and what you like to achieve in life and leave behind as your legacy. With the miracle of writing and music, we can inspire people from today and tomorrow! 

Dear Pooriya, welcome to my blog. Tell me at what age did you discover your love and passion for music?

Thank you for having me. At the age of 4, I realized that I loved music. Because I had a plastic electric guitar that I tied around my shoulder and stood in front of the mirror and sang Shahram Shabpareh.

Awww, how lovely! My mum and I are big fans of the Iranian singer and songwriter Shahram Shabpareh as well. Who isn’t? His music is so positive and joyful. Actually, my mum was in the same music school and in choir with Shahram and has fun memories of him. For my international blog visitors: Shahram Shabpareh is a popular artist in Iranian society with a career spanning 50 years. His concerts are well-received by Iranians all over the world and he is also a judge on Persian Talent Show.

So now back to you, Pooriya when did you start to sing and play an instrument?

As a teenager, I was very interested in playing the guitar, but due to my family's poor financial situation, I could not get a guitar until I was 19, when I was able to get a guitar with a working income.

Oh no! It breaks my heart when young people cant follow their passion because of financial problems. But hey look where you are now. So well done to you. Can you describe the day and the feeling of excitement when you went to the music store to finally buy a real guitar?

This feeling is indescribable. But now I have been aiming to buy a Godin brand guitar for almost three years, but due to financial circumstances, I cannot afford this great instrument yet! This expectation is very painful.

Awww, if there is a will, there is a way. I'm sure you will have your dream guitar sooner than you believe. Do you think you have your love for music in your DNA? Are your parents or siblings into music as well?

I was born into a very artistic-sports family. My father was a very good football player, theater actor, and singer, and I fell in love with music following him. My uncle was an actor and director of cinema and theater and a graduate of film directing. Yes, art, music, and sports were in my blood.

Fascinating. Do you believe that music has the power to heal?  

I have loved music and yes, I believe so. If one day I am told that you should not play music anymore, that day is the day of my death!

I hear you. Music brings people from all generations, countries, cultures, and religions together. Do you have an explanation why?

Music can bring people from all over the world together with any language, dialect, and religion, which I think is because music is the language of expressing emotions in the form of notes, and people easily absorb each other's emotions and energy, and they understand.

How come that you sing melancholic and heartbreaking ballades while  Shahram, was the one who inspired you? As far as I remember he mainly sings cheesy happy pops songs. Or as we say in Farsi RUHOZI songs. :-)

I only imitated Shahram Shabpareh's chants as a child, but now I really enjoy his sad songs. And now the magnificent works of Iranian and world music, the songs of Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli and the non-verbal works of Yanni and the works of Mr. Abi, Ms. Googoosh, Mr. Hamid Hami, Mr. Faramarz Asli, and Mr. Ghomayshi are very inspiring to me.

Excellent, what do you like to achieve with your music? What is your goal?

I would like to spread love and affection to the whole world through my own music and make more nations friendly.

If you write your own song lyrics, what’s your main message to the world?

When I write a song; my message to the whole world is to love and respect each other as much as you can. If you had a bad day yesterday, laugh that you are with me tomorrow.

I agree the world needs more love and respect. Finally, why should people buy and listen to your music?

Because I express feelings and emotions to the world with my own unique tone, accent, and language, and I was only born once. :-)

Well, I think you are talented and I'm happy to share your music with my international blog visitors here. 

Dear Pooryia, I wish you lots of success and hopefully, soon we will be able to hear English lyrics with your emotional and touching voice as well. I hope you can sell your music globally and get your dream guitar this year. Keep up the great work and best of luck with all your goals, dreams, and desires.

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LISTEN TO THE SONG “chejuri zendegi konam?” / "HOW SHOULD I LIVE?"




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