September 06, 2021

Read My Mind, the free blogger magazine!

Available in December 2021

Goodbye summer, hello fall 2021! After ending my blog summer series “Corona & Creativity - Q & A with international blog guests, it is time to write and format my annual blogger magazine Read My Mind. 

If you are looking for a free, inspiring, and educational read, check out my previous issues from 2017 to 2020 on my website or click here on the magazine cover below and dive into a happy, positive, colorful, and inspiring world. 

In the 2020 issue, you will meet my adorable and cute Lily4Refugees Ambassadors and you get a look behind the scene of our making-off illustrations for our delightful stories “The Carousel” and “Love & Loyalty”.

In the 2019 issue, we took you to the Italian Book Fair in Rome and to our book promotion tour throughout Italy and the United Kingdom. We also listed all the libraries in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and the United Kingdom, where you can find a copy of my memoir “The Stolen Years in Zurich”. And we introduced you to international self-published authors and their amazing books. 

In the 2018 issue, you find articles such as “Authors, don’t let the social media numbers fool you”, “Authors, please stop selling yourself short”, “Authors take better care of your mind, body, and soul”, “Caught in a circle of illusion - Instagram”, “Publishing books - fiction versus nonfiction”, “The Next Generation”, “Walt Disney”, “The Fairy Tale King”, The Kingdom of Italy”, “Maria Montessori”, “Carlo Colodi”, “Mozart & Strauss” and great film reviews. 

In the 2017 issue, I wrote about the bestselling authors Danielle Steel and Nicholas Sparks and how you can turn your book into audiobooks and shared interesting interviews with inspiring artists, international musicians, and writers and published a spiritual article “The other side” and an educational read about “Self- Acceptance and Self-Respect” and my controversial article “Damn Pharmacy, Damn “Pain” Killers!” along with fascinating film reviews such as “The true story behind the world brands Adidas and Puma”. 

As you see there is a lot to discover. I hope you enjoy reading my mind! ;-)

FYI: The links to our shop at society6 and to our audiobooks on CD are no longer active. Both of my audiobooks Teddy & Lily and Bon Voyage are available in several download stores and our merch and collections are now in our brand-new shop at RedBubble

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