July 25, 2021

Q & A with Founder of Animals Without Borders!


Kayra Martinez, the founder of LWB4Refugees has been working in the refugee camp of Nea Kavala, in northern Greece, near the Macedonian border, since 2016. Since then she has fed and cared for stray cats and dogs that were malnourished and neglected. Kayra and helpers ensured that the animals received the necessary medical care. Kayra started to refer the strays to their new homes in Germany, Canada, and Norway with the support of some organizations and helpers.

Since then, Kayra and Bruni, a German helper from the very beginning, have helped to fly almost 80 dogs and cats from Greece to their new homes. These animals got a chance to have a wonderful life. This work would not have been possible without the incredible help and friendliness of the refugees who are housed in Nea Kavala and who have fed and cared for them.

Kayra and Bruni collect donations for the flight costs, care, and food for the dogs of Nea Kavala in order to bring them to their future homes across the globe. 100% of all donations are used for these costs to bring the dogs to their new homes and to support the animals in Northern Greece.

If you like to support Keyra and the forgotten animals on the streets of Greece, visit this link! 

Pictures of happy dogs in their happy new home! 

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