August 27, 2021

Show solidarity 4 #HumanityB4Nationality with creativity!

My summer blog series about “Creativity” has just ended. I want to use this opportunity and thank all my international blog guests! 

Now my focus is on my online petition at I hope I can bring awareness to the plight of refugees worldwide. Those who are stuck in refugee camps and those who are suffering under an unfair refugee law in European countries.

With #HumanityB4Nationality I’m not asking for donations. I’m not asking you to support me personally, but all the innocent and voiceless refugees of today. All you need to do is sign the petition and show solidarity for humanity. Because at the end of the day, we are all the same! Remember, blood is always red!

Please sign, share and support. You can also show your solidarity with the petition by using creativity. Get inspired by the #HumanityB4Nationality Hashtag and send us your artwork. You can express yourself in all possible forms of art. Be it painting, drawing, graphic design, photography, handicrafts, a song, a song lyric, a poem, or even the art of baking or cooking. 

Show Solidarity 4 #HumanityB4Nationality 

with Creativity! Be inventive. Be creative. Be unique! 

Please send us a picture of your masterwork to and we will share and promote it on our blog and social media pages. Thank you. Danke. Grazie. Merci and God bless.


You can sign the petition anonymously because we respect your privacy! 

Humanity Before Nationality

Menschlichkeit vor Nationalität

L'umanità prima della nazionalità 


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