June 26, 2021

Q & A Interview with young German Author Alexandra Lorenz

Creativity allows us to view and solve problems. It opens our minds. Especially in difficult and lonely time’s creativity is the best self-therapy and healing solution for our heart, mind, and soul. Creativity is the ability to generate, create, or discover new ideas, solutions, and possibilities. During this horrible global pandemic crisis, everyone was challenged in one or another way, which gave me the idea to feature a few creative guests in my summer blog series Corona & Creativity.

My next guest in my blog series 2021 is the young German author, book reviewer, and book blogger, Alexandra Lorenz. She has published a book series of four to this date about the adventures of her cute dog Cupcake. 

What means creativity to you?
Creativity is maybe the most powerful part of me and my life. Its Relaxation, productivity, fun, Charity, and self-fulfillment!

What is your favorite creative activity?
Oh, that’s a difficult question, I love crafting all arts. Painting, Sewing,... Just everything that is creating one totally unique thing.

What is your favorite color?
My favorite Colors are Sunshine Yellow and bright Blue.

Did you discover a creative activity or new passion during the corona Lockdown? What exactly?

Yes totally! I started Crafting Wirth peroxide Harz, it made me super happy to create little Accessories for my friends. Even if I can’t see them a lot in this Pandemic but can make them Smile anyway. I also started to create Dog and Cat beds out of old furniture’s, like a playpen, a little garden table, or an old night table. It’s so nice to see the people of the Animal shelters being so happy.

Alexandra do you think creative people are happier in general?

I think Creativity can be so much and it can mean another thing for anyone. So sometimes people are Creative without noticing. Some people getting happier with it, others find their happiness in Sports, family, friends or something completely other.

Would you say creativity is kind of a self-therapy?

Yes. It totally can be a kind of self-therapy. With Creativity can be so much handled inside, without the need to be conscious! I myself can say I totally use being creative as Self- Therapy at some point.

Would you say that creative people are more driven and disciplined?

Not all of them. There are a lot of people who are, but also a lot who get lost in their Creative minds. So they start Projects and never bring them to an end because the very next idea is in their minds already.

The meaning of “Creativity” is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness! Creativity is going beyond the usual, stepping outside the box. It can be defined in many ways, such as how a person explores ideas or uses different ways to solve issues and how one experiences life. So what was your original idea, or what did you create during lockdown?

I started to publish my Books in lockdown, to make kids smile and have a good time even they can’t see their friends a lot. I also started to help in Charity actions. My latest Book "Cupcake und die Wolken" helped a handicapped Kid to accept himself, and the Clouds I created as Goodies helped to make the Money to getting him a stairlift and a wheelchair-accessible car.

While you may have natural creativity skills, there are also skills that can be learned and developed over time. Would you say your creative skills are natural or trained?

After all, I think it’s a combination. I am a very creative person, and in my mind are so many ideas. But not all ideas can be done without a little training.

A new study from researchers has found that women are engaged in creative fields like art, music, and literature at higher rates than men and are generally more creative than men. What is your thought on that?

If I look at the People I know, I can super agree. But I think it’s a thing of developmental psychology, with Kids I can’t see any differences between Boys and Girls in Creativity. At any point in the lives of these kids, the social signals that it’s okay for girls to like to draw and stuff. But Boys "should" concentrate on other things. I for myself think this is not a good thing, because Creativity is for everyone!

Do you think being creative and productive is also related to season? For example are you more creative in the summer or in winter?

For me, not really... I have some phases where I am the creativity in person, and sometimes not at all.

Alexandra, find creative words to describe yourself to my blog visitors.

Hi, i am Alexandra Lorenz. I love Creativity and Animals... And being creative with my animals. My Books are about my dog Cupcake and I am a "world better maker" by doing little things that make others Happy.

Thank you Alexandra for being my blog guest and best of luck with all your creative activities and projects. If you like to know more about Alexandra's books and book reviews on Instagram, follow her on Social media or visit her website!




Cupcake has reviewed my book "Lucky, From Zero To Hero"! 

Thank you Cupcake for a lovely 5 star review on Amazon! :-)

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