July 27, 2021

Laila, All Colors matter! is out now!

Meet my Lily4Refugees Ambassador Laila! 

Laila is a young orphan dalmatian living in a refugee camp in Greece. She often feels like an outsider even though she loves being surrounded by humans and playing with children. Laila isolates herself from everyone because of the color of her white fur marked with black and brown-colored spots. She is heartbroken when other dogs and children make fun of her fur color and call her names such as ‘the spotted dog’ or ‘the plum pudding dog’!

But everything changes when a foreign lady opens an art workshop for refugee children. That’s the beginning of a joyful life for little Laila and all the refugees at the camp. All of a sudden their gray and hopeless lives find some color of happiness and life-changing events are around the corner…

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