May 15, 2021



Refugees have already lost everything: Their lives, their homes, their families, their loved ones, their belongings, and most importantly their dignity, freedom and future.

Refugees are already at the lowest they can be. So why governments and the refugee law punishes them instead of supporting them? How come criminals have more privacy than refugees? How come criminals have more comfort and privileges than refugees?

Living in tents for decades is not the solution. Growing up in overcrowded and uncomfortable refugee camps is not the solution. Being able to close a door behind you and lock it is important. It’s something that we all take for granted. Private moments and spaces that we have for ourselves are necessary for our heart, mind and soul.

Being able to be alone or with your loved ones inside a safe space are important, especially for traumatized refugees, children and adults, who have experienced war and have already lost everything. They need to feel safe, be able to close a door, and just relax for a bit!

But in the overcrowded refugee camps, they are only covered with tents without a door and a lock. They also don’t have any privacy and not to mention a clean and private toilet like prisoners do in their cells.

In rich countries like Switzerland criminals live a privileged life in their fancy and modern cells in prison with all kinds of comfort. They have a comfy bed and a closet. A private TV, radio and internet corner. This doesn’t make sense! Nothing make sense anymore when it comes to the global refugee crises! As if this isn’t unfair enough, criminals have even the chance for further education. They have a gym, a TV room and libraries. Why are refugees being treated worse than animals, while criminals are being treated like humans? What’s wrong with our society? What’s wrong with our governments? What’s wrong with our powerful and mighty world leaders?

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