April 23, 2021

Keep smiling, no matter what!


Honestly these days we need to smile more than ever. Regardless of age and life story, we all go through difficult times. The previous year with this horrible pandemic has been challenging for all of us around the globe. Unfortunately, it looks as if the near future won’t be much better either.

We all are suffering in one way or the other and so it is normal that we overlook the positive blessings around us. We forget to be grateful for what we have. Instead, we focus primarily on what we don’t have right now, which is Freedom and what’s bothering us the most is the face masks, the non-ending lockdowns, and the chaos with the vaccine. Let’s face it we are sick and tired and see everything only in black and white.

This little book KEEP SMILING, NO MATTER WHAT is a picture book in color that I published back in 2018. It is available in English and German with colorful pictures, for children and grown-ups alike, to remind us about the importance of SMILING and being HAPPY.

We should appreciate the beautiful colors of life in nature and around us. This ageless book is a wonderful gift for the young and the young at heart who have lost the joy of life. It will help those in need of an emotional boost to wake up daily with a smile and be grateful for a new day, for a new opportunity. 

Get your copy in print in English or German. (Currently out of print - May 2023!)

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