April 19, 2021

Corona & Creativity!


I’m planning a brand new and exciting “Q&A Interview blog series” for summer 2021 and my blogger magazine “Read My Minds issue 2021” with the topic “Corona & Creativity”. Everyone is welcome to share their story. Whether you are a writer, blogger, artist, illustrator, photograph, musician, singer, actor, dancer, baker, cook or interior designer, makeup artist, hair artist, and so on…

Basically, anyone who is creative and productive and wants to share and promote their passion is more than welcome to send me a DM on Instagram @Lily.Amis. I will then send you my interview Questions. I will also need images that show your work, your masterpieces so to say. Closing date is 31.5.2021. Those who will be featured and promoted on my blog in summer 2021 and in my blogger magazine in December 2021 will be contacted in advance!

Join my inspirational interview partners Award Winning British actor Kevin Leslie, Guy Potter, Welsh singer James Kennedy, and British musician James Sayer as well as international multi-genre authors who have been featured in my “Q & A series” back in 2016 and 2017. You find all the interviews here on my blog under the label #Q & A Interviews!  

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