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March 18, 2021

Looking for Love & Acceptance!



Like millions of people around the globe, I also watched the Oprah Winfrey Interview with Harry & Meghan. And I have to admit that I’m shocked about the mixed response by the international media and the viewers worldwide. 

Regardless of what we think about these two individuals and regardless of whether we like this couple or not, how can anyone seriously doubt what they are saying? Why on earth would two intelligent and successful adult human beings use a TV platform and talk about their humiliating and shameful side of the story and make lies about it? How can anyone say that Meghan is Princess Pinocchio? How dare you insult a pregnant woman, who shares her most painful and sad memories? 

What do they gain from lying to the entire world? Fame? Well, they are already famous. Money? Well, they already have enough of that. Attention? Again, they have enough of that as well. So, in my personal opinion using a platform like a TV Interview and giving such an honest, eye-opening and vulnerable interview is nothing but a final helpless cry for love and acceptance!

We may think they are spoiled and ignorant humans and listening to their complaints may sound childish, ungrateful, and somehow even stupid and ridiculous, considering all the misery that is going on around the world thanks to Covid19, the refugee crises, and climate change, and so on. But hey that’s their side of the story. That’s how they feel and again regardless of what we think about them, we have to respect it.

As someone who’s experiencing prejudice, discrimination, injustice, and racism for over three decades, I absolutely understand how frustrating and helpless one feels when the entire world is against you.

And feeling betrayed, unwanted, rejected, hurt, and used by the closest people or so-called family members, makes you build a protection wall. You become isolated and lonely. Why do people blame Meghan for burning the bridges to her family members such as her father and her nasty, money and fame-oriented half-sister? Why should anyone tolerate such horrible, hurtful and disappointing behavior? It is only natural that one distance her/himself from all the negativity and betrayal!

So this couple has my full understanding, empathy, and compassion. I hope after giving this interview they now have found their peace of mind and they can finally move on. Live a private, safe and happy life with their gorgeous son Archie and their baby girl and let the nasty media and useless, selfish, loveless, and narcissistic family members once and for all behind. I send them my best wishes, love, support, and prayers. 

The best thing about this interview is surely that ITV Good Morning viewers finally got rid of the nastiest, cruelest, most self-centered, rude, godless, and disrespectful British TV host of all time: Mister Piers Morgan, thank God goodbye forever! 

You missed the interview? Watch it online!

Oprah Interview with Meghan and Harry – Watch on CBS



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