August 08, 2020


LILY4REFUGEES in English, German, Italian and Spanish!

Because of Covid-19 we are putting or petition for better rights for refugees regarding Education and Work rights on hold. Meanwhile, I have published this Lily4Refugees. It is an educational e-book for the Lily4Refugees project and is my voice for the voiceless. It includes three stories: Leo & Mousi - Refugees Unwanted, Love & Loyalty - The Lonely Ducky, Lucky – From Zero to Hero.

The three anti-discrimination and anti-racism stories will teach young readers about the importance of education, school, and work. They are also an eye-opening wake-up call for governments, lawmakers, and our selfish and condescending society to include refugees and integrate them in their refugee country, instead of excluding them from education and holding them back from training and work opportunities. Every single refugee deserves an education and the chance to be trained and the chance to work in their field of interest and ability. Every single refugee is gifted and should be supported! Only in this way can our society progress. Only in this way will the next generation be able to become independent, useful, valued, and taxpaying members of our society.

Stay tuned for our petition in 2021. Make sure you follow us on IG, Facebook and Twitter @Lily4Refugees. Thank you for your love and support. God bless, Lily Amis

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