May 12, 2020


My illustrated print book, "Compassion & Kindness, The Persian Farm In The Orient" is out now on Amazon! The ebook is coming on May 15th 2020 to major retailers! 

Book Description: Change is never easy. But sometimes we are forced to make decisions, change our path and deal with the unexpected and challenging consequences. Setareh, a little lamb with a big heart, is forced to leave her home, the national circus in Persia. At the circus she had to deal with jealousy, rejection and bullying. Despite hurtful experiences and heartbreak, Setareh is an optimistic animal and hopeful about her new life at a farm. She knows that the farm owners, an older couple called Mr and Mrs Hakimi have created a paradise for their animals. But will the farm animals be as welcoming as the owners or will they make Setareh feel unwelcome and unwanted?

“Compassion & Kindness” is the follow-up story to “Acceptance & Tolerance”. This story is inspired by the global refugee crises and the negative and heartless way in which our society deals with helpless foreigners and their misery.


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