April 07, 2020

Reset & rethink!

Social Isolation, uncertainty, anxiety and fear! Life in lockdown is what refugees are experiencing for too many years! When a law stops you from living a normal, independent and free life like Corona does these days; you realize how valuable things such as schooling, education, work permission, a regular income, security and most importantly freedom are. 

Life in lockdown caused by the Corona Virus is teaching everyone on the globe what it means when a higher power takes over your life from one day to another and makes you feel completely helpless and weak. You suddenly realize that you shouldn’t take anything and anyone for granted!  Life in lockdown is forcing everyone to reset and take a deeper look on the really important things in life.

Maybe now during and after the Corona Crises people, who are against refugees, will finally understand what they sacrifice for an independent, free and fearless life in safety and dignity. After this horrible and frightening experience that we are all facing these days, no one and I mean absolutely no one should ever blame refugees again! Especially not war refugees, families and their children. 

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