April 02, 2020

More empathy for refugees!

Image source: Facebook 

These are uncertain and challenging times for everyone, especially the most vulnerable, the refugees in the overcrowded refugee camps. Displaced families, children and babies need hygiene products and medical support like never before to limit the spread of Coronavirus. 

Every one of us is under enormous pressure. Maybe NOW finally people, who have never experienced war, will show more understanding and empathy for those who need our love and support like never before. We have to protect the mind as well as the body and soul of these innocent victims of war.

While most of us still have a home, the refugee parents, children, and babies need a safe place to sleep. Babies need diapers. Adults need psychological support and mental protection. Refugees are facing the most difficult times because their most basic human rights are being ignored and denied for years. 

We now witness that governments can take radical action when they feel it is necessary. So now more than ever we have to force the governments to step up to protect helpless refugees.  Times are tough for all of us. The future feels uncertain for all of us.  What is certain though, is that there is no greater power than love. Please put all your love into action and stand by for the denied and rejected ones: The refugees worldwide! 

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