April 24, 2020

5 stars by Readers Favorite!

Very happy to get a 5 star review from Readers Favorite for my lovely book Bunny & Turtle!

Bunny and Turtle by Lily Amis and Sima Amis demonstrates the concept of the timeless story of the Rabbit and the Tortoise through the story of Francesco and Felicita. It is a story about bullying, honesty, self-acceptance, honesty, integrity, self-doubt, kindness, and self-respect and these messages will encourage young readers to lead their lives in a positive way with good values and ethics. The book is educational and both Felicita and Francesco have been portrayed well by the author. The story will make readers look at themselves and see where changes need to be made so that they can create something unique instead of being a fake. So do you want to become a fake, lazy bunny or a hardworking, original turtle? The choice is yours to make... 


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