March 25, 2020

My 5 Star review of the Novel “Carry & Carrie”

During these confusing and irritating times of Corona reading a great book is probably the best medicine for your mind and your soul. I was lucky to receive a signed copy from the lovely and talented German author Edina Davis. 

Her first novel “Carry und Carrie: Im Schatten des Zwillings” is better than anything I expected. It is a massive book with 70 dramatic and thrilling chapters. To be honest I thought it would take ages until I would finish reading it. But I enjoyed every single chapter so much, that I read the entire book in less than a month. 

One could say the author is exaggerating with the main characters, but from my own experience, I know very well that jealousy and resentment destroy relationships. Sadly there are too many two faced people in the world and dealing with them can make your life a living hell. I love the length of the chapters and the way Edina Davis describes the locations in United Kingdom and the conversations. This book would definitely make an exciting and breathtaking movie. 

This story is also an educational and inspiring read about parenting and dysfunctional family relationships. Even though it is a novel, it could easily be based on a true and tragic story. 

Edina Davis has done an amazing job. I hope this book will one day also be available in English. I can’t wait to read more books by this gifted author. 

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