July 12, 2017

Read My Mind Summer issue 2017 is out now!


Read My Mind the Free Blogger Magazine is out with its second issue in 2017!
Exciting and educational articles by the RMM Blogger team, inspiring interview partner and Free Read samples make the summer issue a fun read! Read about bad habits, the Pharma Industry, the meaning of summer in history, our five senses, the power of awareness in family, and much more!  

Find out who won our BEST BOOK COVER CONTEST 2017 and meet the talented  British Movie Actor Kevin Leslie.

The IDEA BEHIND THE Title “Read my Mind” and The Magazine Cover

Our mind is the most personal and private treasure we have. We all have opinions and thoughts based on our life’s experiences. People see us and hear us talk, but they don’t always know what we really think or what we really feel!

And yet here we are naming our magazine, “Read My Mind”. Why? Because, we are here to share our honest and most personal thoughts, experiences, and knowledge with our readers.

The human mind is the body’s hard disk. The human’s heart is the body’s electricity. Unfortunately, most humans take everything for granted. But, think about all the knowledge we treasure in our minds. Day by day we are overdosed with some useful, but mostly useless, information. We don’t even realize how much information collects in our brain. And we wonder why sometimes we don’t remember something. Other times we are surprised about our remarkable ability to find answers or remember stuff that we haven’t thought about for years!

Our mind is what makes us who we are. Our mind is what makes us achieve our goals, wishes, and dreams! Our mind is the key to almost everything in life. If we are honest with our mind and our heart - which is not always easy - nothing and, I mean nothing and no-one, can stop us from our personal missions.

None of us is perfect. We all have our strengths and weakness. I remember during school time I had a horrible teacher. He made my life a living hell, simply because he hated foreigners! Because of him I felt useless and thought I was the most stupid person on the planet. It took years, a new school, new teachers, and my Mum’s incredible love and support until I finally realized that I’m not stupid. I’m not useless. I do have my talents. I may not be a genius in math, but I have a talent for art and writing. So what I’m trying to say is: We all should train our minds to focus on our strengths and our passions and not torture our minds with our weaknesses or things that we don’t like. We shouldn’t listen to other people’s opinions and let them brainwash our minds with negativity. The sooner we learn who we are and what we are good at, the sooner we find the right road to drive. Many of us have lost precious lifetime, in our twenties or even thirties, because of life’s circumstances and expectations by society. But, it is never too late to turn in the right direction.

At the end of the day, we all know that nothing is permanent. And the only thing that really matters is that we have peace of mind. You cannot please everyone and you know what? You shouldn’t even try. The only person who you should please is you!

The reason why I chose a globe on the Cover was for two reasons.

Firstly, because our blogger team is international. We live in different continents and time zones and yet we are still connected and in daily contact. I know more about my blogger team than about my neighbor, who’s lived next door for almost ten years. That’s the irony but also the miracle of our decade.

The second reason I chose the globe, is because life on Earth will go on, with or without us. The world was here before us and the world will be hereafter us. So, we shouldn’t take anything or anyone too seriously and let meaningless issues toy with our peace of mind and peace of soul. Beauty, youth, fame, fortune, and power will fade. The only thing that stays forever is what we do with our time, what we create with our minds, hearts, and souls. The legacy of creativity, with our talents, whether it is in art, writing, music, or entertainment, these are the really precious and timeless treasures that matter!

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