April 04, 2017

Read My Mind Spring issue 2017 is out now!

Read My Mind, What the magazine is about!

As much as we authors and bloggers love to talk about politics and other worldwide issues, we at “nasSima-design”, the publisher of “Read My Mind”, try not to publish anything about negative topics in our magazine. Unfortunately, politics and dirty money are ruling the world, and our lives are overshadowed by negativity, terror, and horrible news. We can’t change the world, but at least we can change your mind, for a while.

We are here to make you feel good about life and about our beautiful planet Earth. There is so much beauty in the world that we can see and be grateful for. So, be assured, our team will either entertain or educate you. We will either inspire or encourage you, with talented people in literature, entertainment, and true-life stories.

We offer several writing contests and give you the chance to be an active, creative, and productive reader of our magazine, with a prize of global marketing, highlighting you and your work!

The fact that we have bloggers from America, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Europe including artists from several European countries is our sign of unity. None of us have ever met in person. At least not yet! But, we are in contact almost every day and despite the distance, different time zones and continents, age, mother language, level of education, lifestyle, and life stories, we the makers of this magazine and our guests symbolize love, friendship, tolerance, respect, support, and togetherness. The world has become smaller thanks to our passion for writing and living in a decade with all the possibilities of modern technology.

To be honest, it all happened so quickly and unexpectedly. I must admit I was sick and tired of Social Media activities and blogging. I had decided to cut myself off from the Internet completely and was about to focus solely on my book scripts in 2017 when an event on Facebook caught my attention. An American Author organized a Facebook Event, with the message “Our Books Are Not Free”. I just couldn’t resist being part of it and luckily got a free spot on the last day of the event, which took place between 11th and 15th February 2017, with over a hundred authors from all kinds of genres, from all over the world.

I was fascinated by the idea that we all were part of something so historical that I set up a Facebook group, “Authors Support Authors”. In a short matter of time, I learned so much, from so many different authors. One of the ladies, another American author, and publisher inspired me to publish my own magazine. And here we are… the rest, as they say, is history.


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