April 09, 2017

History reloaded – Best of Lily Amis Blog 2015


In 2015 during the refugee crises in Europe I was very active on Twitter and published a lot about my own experience as a war refugee back in the 80es and my view about the refugee's misery of today, three decades later. Then in February 2017, I published all my posts from 2015 until 2016 in one book as "History reloaded, Shit happens...", which you can get in print and read as an ebook on Amazon!

Book description:

“HISTORY RELOADED” is a collection of post-series, by multi-genre author & blogger, Lily Amis. Lily started to blog in 2015 when the refugee crisis hit Europe. She was about to promote her memoir, “Destination: Freedom”, which is about her own experience as a child, war-refugee in the eighties. The collection of posts includes her thoughts and interviews during the refugee crisis, with British newspapers and female magazines such as The Mirror, Female First, and Frost Magazine. Lily’s views on all the mess that is ruling our selfish and superficial society of today are personal and honest. War history, discrimination, racism, the Calais jungle, The Paris attacks, the crises in Syria, Afghanistan, and Aleppo are all covered. The shock with Brexit, the American Presidential Election of 2016, and finally the new United States President are just a few of the topics that made shocking history!

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