September 16, 2016

Has history taught us nothing?

The United States of America – a great country, considered the superpower of the world… but what would Abraham Lincoln say if he were around today?

·         The rise of reality television, social media, and claims to fame based on scandal, sensationalism, superficiality, and a lack of real talent…

·         A presidential campaign that is making a mockery out of a long and well established system…

·         War, terrorism, discrimination, injustice and poverty overruling family values, respect and basic human rights…

·         Education and hard work no longer means success; money, power, and sex appeal will get you everywhere.

But… Can America’s Royal Family save the world from this self-destructing system that the US is generating?

And… Who is America’s Royal Family?

America’s Royal Family is an engaging and humorous parody written by author, Lily Amis, which reflects society’s focus on social media, body obsession, and superficiality.  A story which takes readers on a journey with a young girl, Lisy, from Europe, through some of the major cities of the United States of America in search of the elusive Royal Family of America.

Will she find them? Do they actually exist? Who are they?
Written in two versions for Adults and Children and filled with colourful illustrations!


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