September 04, 2016

WHO is America’s Royal Family?

When I think about America the first thing that comes to my mind is Entertainment, Hollywood, Film and the Television Industry.”
Lily Amis
Whether we like it or not the United States of America is ruling the world when it comes to music, media, cinema, film, television, soap operas, tawdry reality productions and of course social media. Considered a blessing and a curse, all these things are ruling our daily lives regardless of location, age, level of education and gender. Society is becoming brainwashed with nonsense.
One would think that history has taught us a lesson. However, watching the daily news and current events, I wonder what the former U.S. Presidents like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, or even President Kennedy would make of the America of today.
With a population of over 320 million people, you could say the country has become an international joke. Perhaps it is all for Entertainment? However, with political campaigns that are fast becoming an international joke, and where terror, war, discrimination, injustice and poverty are driving people to live in fear, struggling for survival; is America making a fool out of itself?
The question to ask, is where are the human values, respect and dignity of a nation that stands under God with liberty and justice for all? Will the forty-fifth presidential election really result in a strong leader, capable of leading this international superpower?
What about America’s Royal Family? Perhaps it is time to let them move into the White House? Perhaps it is America’s Royal Family who can save the United States of America and the world from a living nightmare!
But the question is WHO is America’s Royal Family?
Introducing the new release, illustrated fiction story by author, Lily Amis. This humorous parody is a reflection of the selfish, silly, superficial, social media and botty-obsessed society, which will leave readers with a not-so-superficial message.

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