August 16, 2016

The Story behind Americas Royal Family!

It’s been now more than a year ever since I have committed myself fully to writing and book publishing. After years of dealing with Unemployment and senseless part-time jobs (despite high degrees in Web programing, Marketing & PR, and FOUR language skills) I decided in 2015 to combine my talents and become an Independent Author. Meanwhile, I have published eight books in different genres.

The most important ones are for sure my two memoirs. The first one “Destination: Freedom” is about my childhood and my experience as a war-refugee and the obstacles in my new adopted country Switzerland such as a forced-marriage. The second one is “Definition of Freedom”, the follow-up story with focus on topics such as discrimination, long-term-unemployment, bullying, emotional harassment and depression.

I couldn’t have promoted “Destination: Freedom” at a better time than in 2015 when the refugee crisis heated up in Europe. But to my surprise, I have had only limited interest in my honest story. The same with “Definition of Freedom”, where I openly write about important global topics. Even my children’s books “Angel of Hope & Lily” and “Little Lily” with colorful illustrations based on “Destination: Freedom” were not as successful as I had hoped.

That was the moment when I realized that our society is not open-minded or perhaps not intelligent or perhaps ready for honest and deep stories. But I want and need to make a living with my writing. Even if writing and publishing books about important topics don’t sell in this superficial, selfie, and botty-obsessed society.

Many times in the recent months I asked myself and my mum: What do you think do I have to do differently to get the reader’s attention? My mum ironically said put a picture of your butt on the cover. Maybe then people show interest towards your books! Maybe then you become a REAL-bestselling Author and not a "pretended" or "Want-to-be" like many Authors on Amazon. Not because of your story but more importantly because of the butt on your book cover. Of course, she was just joking and we both laughed about it!

But it comes to a point in your life where you have to leave your comfort zone, even if it means you are doing something that you would never ever do under normal circumstances! So I told myself what the hell! These days when I watch TV I see Asses everywhere and I ask myself “What the hell is going on?” We either hear tragic news about crime and terror or are forced to listen to the nonsense and rubbish of Donald Trump or watch naked bodies in music videos like these here that totally DISGUST me as a woman. I feel ashamed for those women who sell themselves so short! It is shameful, sad, tragic, humiliating, and insulting for all the educated and intelligent Women with brain!!!
I just don't get it! I don’t understand why talented female artists such as Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, and co. believe that they have to promote their music with nudity! If these undeniable talented and gorgeous ladies were talent-free, I would understand their desperate self-doubt and insecurity. But that’s obviously not the case!
So unfortunately thanks to these ladies and thanks to celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, and of course Kim Kardashian we live in a superficial and botty-obsessed society. So if they do it despite their fame and fortune why shouldn’t I do it?  
I don’t exaggerate when I say that on a weekend in June the whole topic on German TV was the bott of female celebrities. Not their work, not their talent, but their butts! As if the world has no other concerns! So that’s how I came up with the idea for my Book Cover and the story itself. I was so pissed off about our superficial and stupid society that I ironically said: 

"You know what, damn it but these days if you want people’s attention you have to put an ASS on the cover, even if you’re talented!" So here we go, this is the Cover of my Illustrated Fiction bookAmericas Royal Family”.


If you ask yourself "WHO is America's Royal Family?", well my answer is: Read the book! Don't just like my tweets and Facebook post, support me as an Indie-Author and get the book! As much as I appreciate your Likes & RT, the hard reality is they don't pay my bills! :-) If Donald Trump with his fortune seriously asks people on his Website for money/donations, then I guess me an Independent Author asking Readers to buy my books is not too much to ask! 

Thank you for your support & God bless! Lily Amis

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