July 20, 2016

Q&A Interview with California Based Artist Michael Anthony Alvarez

Each one of us has a story to tell and everyone we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about. This section “The Q & A Interview with inspiring people” is dedicated to exceptional personalities, who either have something to educate us or to inspire us.
Today I want you to meet the talented artist Michael Anthony  Alvarez from Long Beach California who has inspired me with his work and much more.

“Life shouldn’t be a competition amongst one another. It should be challenge as a race to better all human kind by working as a team.”
Michael Anthony Alvarez

Michael for me personally art has always been kind of a self-therapy. I loved drawing and painting from very young age on. Michael when did you found your passion for art? Did you study art? What was your first piece of art that you can remember?   

Like you I was very young; I felt this need to pick up a pencil and illustrate my thoughts on paper.  I would often choose to stay inside drawing while the others kids played outside.  I only studied art through high school and a few classes in college. I found the classes moved to slow and were rather boring.  My first piece of art that I can remember was stick figure kind of art then it progressed into what you see today. 


Geisha and bridge

You say that your favorite subject in art deals with humanity itself. Living in a time where humanity is difficult to find, where do you get your inspiration?  

You are right we are truly living in difficult times and after reading the news on a day to day basis it takes an effort to see the good.  My art looks at both the dark and light side, you may see one of my works depicting a dark theme like my piece titled ‘Depression’ then you turn around and see this bright wonderful painting that might make you smile inside.  

Sea of sunflowers

You describe yourself as a perfectionist and that your goal with each one of your art works is to create something amazing. What is your own favourite work of all time and why?  

My favorite piece and also the one I use as my twitter picture is ‘Bi-Polar’ I get more comments than any other when I show this piece. People that suffer from this have commented that it is a perfect depiction of this disease.  It has sold the most prints and most shared. 


Tell me if you could spend an entire day all by yourself in an art gallery (worldwide) where would it be and why? And what is your favourite artwork of all time by another artist? 

It would definitely have to be the galleries in France, studying the great masters work.  I have always been fascinated by their skill and realism. To me it is true art.  But the one piece of art that has always fascinated me the most is ‘the scream’ by Edvard Munch; A truly amazing piece. 
Endless Summer
If you could spend a creative day working on a historical piece of art with which of these artists would it be and why? My favourite artist Salvador Dali? Pablo Picasso or Vincent Van Gogh? You have to choose between one of these artist! :-)  
I would love to spend a day with my favorite artist Vincent Van Gogh,  I get so much inspiration from this artist, so much so that many people have commented that my work reminds them of his work. 

so so good
You live in a desirable place Long Beach California, where the weather is mostly warm and sunny. How is a regular working day of Artist MICHAEL ALVAREZ looks like? Do you spend your time in a studio or outside? How many hours do you work on a regular day/week? 
Yes I am blessed to live here, the amount of time depends on the season, during the fall and winter months I am working on new work to sell in Spring and summer.  It is mostly in studio work and sometimes I am working till the early morning hours.  When you get that inspiration you just don’t want to stop!  I have done some of my work in live painting sessions at some of my art shows.   

Trapped within feeling lucky
As an artist myself you have inspired me to share my work with the world too on society6.com. Your colorful and gorgeous artwork is available there on decorative pillows, T-shirts, shower curtains, IPhone and IPOD Cases. Would you say living as an artist in this century is more profitable than in the past? What comes next? Perhaps Bedlinen and table runners?   
I would have to say with the help of social media and online shops there has never been more opportunities for artists.  If you can think outside the box or canvas,  you can find so many different ways to sell your designs.  It takes a lot of work and patience before you start to get noticed but if you are passionate and keep working to perfect your skill people will notice and they will buy.  My advice is go into art because you love to create and it is something you would do even if no one paid you a dime.  If this is you then don’t be afraid to try. As far as what comes next I am thinking of my designs on woman’s hand bags. 

Midnight dance
Where can people meet you and find your original artwork? Do you have a gallery in California? Or do you do exhibitions?  
As for now I am selling online and at local shows. I announce my shows on my Facebook page or if you see something you like you can also contact me via FB or Twitter.  My prints and accessories are sold thru my Society6 store. 
What I love about your artwork is that as you say yourself your art brings joy to the eye through color and light but also portrays a message within the work itself. If GOD gave you a special order to finish a masterpiece with ONE important message to the world what would your message be? How would your art look like?   
The one message I would like to project is the world we live in is wonderful painting not a mirror.  We are free to add to this painting and enjoy. The message is for people to put more focus on people and the things around not themselves, Life shouldn’t be a competition amongst one another it should be challenge as a race to better all human kind by working as a team.  I think you gave me an idea for my next piece! Haha  Not sure what it would like yet but it’s going to be grand. 

This is a question I ask all my inspirational interview partners. As an artist you must be very emotional and romantic, so what is your definition of Love in Three words? What is your definition of Love in one sentence?   
Selfless, compassionate and giving. Love is timeless, love is nurturing, it has no boundaries and has no end. If you seek it you will find nothing but when you least expect, it will wrap you up and give you the greatest gift life has to offer.

Connect with Michael Alvarez & discover his art:
Twitter: @11_alv

Source Pictures: Many thanks @ Michael Alvarez


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