January 16, 2016

Reviews for Definition of Freedom

Q & A with myself !

1. In the first part of your trilogy “Destination: Freedom” you are sharing your story until 2002. So what can the reader expect from the second part “Definition of Freedom”? In the second part of my memoir, I continue my journey from where I ended the first book. I leave nothing out. Many unexpected positive, as well as negative things, happen in the following years.

2. How was the process of writing this time? To be honest, writing the second book was much harder than the first one. I struggled emotionally. It also took me much longer to finish it than the first one.

How come? Well, usually when you write a memoir you are in a good place in your life. But I was in one of my hardest. Emotionally and physically. The only reason why I continued was that it was the only thing that kept me alive. Writing was my way of self-therapy. And I’m happy that I did it and I’m proud of myself that I actually finished it.

3. Your first book “Destination: Freedom” is a beautiful story of a mother's love and her strength and will to overcome all possible obstacles, personal tragedies of betrayal, bureaucracy, and prejudice. What can your reader expect from the second bookThe title “Definition of Freedom” speaks for itself. In the beginning, mother and daughter do feel a sense of freedom after being imprisoned in a golden cage for fifteen years. But as the story continues they do have to overcome more bureaucracy and obstacles in order to find their ultimate acceptance, integration, and freedom in a foreign country in the middle of Europe.

4. Who should read your book and why?
Who? I think when you have read the first part you automatically are curious to know how the story continues. So for sure, the readers of my first book should read the follow-up story. The reader won’t be bored that’s for sure. Why? Because it is a challenging and educating book in many unexpected ways. You learn about topics such as depression, bullying, narcissism, sexual and emotional harassment, dealing with liars, etc.
5. When can readers expect the last part of your trilogy?
Time will show. I’m struggling with writing it because it is once again an emotional pressure because of all the experiences I made recently and the pieces of information I found out about my father. So I try my best to finish it on time. But we’ll see.

Review by Cathy M.
I thought the first book was extremely powerful and touching. So I was wondering how the story of Lily and her mother continues. I recently finished reading it and it surprised me. I wasn’t expecting the story to develop like it did. I don’t want to say too much, but it is an eye-opener in many other ways than the first book.  Dealing with challenging people such as Lily’s boss, a narcissist jerk and her working colleagues who should be ashamed of their behavior are a lesson for readers that could find themselves in a similar situation like Lily was. Lily was so brave. I suffered with her while I was reading the book and sometimes I even couldn’t breathe. That’s how good she explained her struggle. I highly recommend the book, especially to young women.

Review by Eric L.
What I like about Definition of Freedom is that even if you haven’t read the first book, you still understand the story. Because Lily Amis does explain the first book in the beginning of the second book when she’s consulting a Therapist during a difficult time of her life. What shocked me the most and made me furious is the story about her father. I can’t wait to hear how her story continues in the last part of her trilogy.

Review by Christoph Meier
I rarely read true stories. But my girlfriend was reading the book and one day I just looked into it and I have to admit I couldn’t stop reading it. Lily Amis writes and tells her story as she’s talking to one directly. So I felt she was telling me her story and I couldn’t turn my back on her just because I prefer to read Fiction. Her story is honest and educating. I can only hope that Lily Amis will find her luck and freedom as she and her mother deserve. They went through so much.

Review by Kristy Sullivan
There is a say "Don’t judge a book by its cover". Well in this case you definitely have to judge the book by its cover. And the cover is so on point. So my review is short and simple. Look at the Cover. It speaks for itself. A must-read for everyone who loves to read true and heart-touching stories.  

Short Read sample from “Definition of Freedom”


We’re thrown into life and faced
with incredible obstacles and people.
What we want seems to be irrelevant.
To defend ourselves seems to be futile.
People enter into our lives and take us emotionally,
mentally, intellectually and spiritually further.
They bring out the best in us.
They inspire us and give us strength and hope.
Others, however, put obstacles in our way.
They become poison for our souls and destroy us.
They abuse our feelings, trust and loyalty.
Now it is up to us to decide how we deal with it!
How do we deal with the envious,
with liars and blasphemers?
How do we process painful experiences
such as bullying, exclusion and discrimination?
Some say that the sum of our choices determines our lives.
But what if others make decisions for us?
What if they consciously manipulate
and deflect us from our path?
Well, my story is just one of many.
Plenty of others share the same or a similar experience.
For all the silent sufferers in the world: This is my voice for you!

by Lily Amis

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