December 07, 2015

Stocking book titles in traditional book stores!

Stocking book titles by Indie authors in traditional book stores is impossible!

unless you have a Bestseller” Yes, that’s what the Bookstores in Switzerland and Germany told me. How ridiculous! Tell me how can you become a Bestselling Author if your book is not available in book stores? What am I missing here?
The last couple of months I put ALL my energy in marketing and promoting my books which I publish as an Indie author thanks to Amazon. I soon realized that my target group of readers is not necessarily online after I have invested money for Ads on Facebook and Twitter unsuccessfully! I easily flushed down my money into the toilet but in a professional way
One could say, well your audience is hard to find online. Well that can’t be the only reason, because my books are for different readers. Along with my trilogy which is under the Category “memoir/biography”, I also have published “children’s books” for different ages. 
At least a few traditional bookstores in the UK took the first two titles of my trilogy “Destination: Freedom” (the first part) and “Definition of Freedom” (the second part) in stock on a trial basis. Which I am very grateful for. This shows me again the huge difference between the German and British culture.
The British bookstores also made me aware of an important fact that I hadn’t considered before. They told me that the ISBN Number that Amazon is offering is not available for International Book Wholesalers and that the chances of getting my books stocked in traditional bookstores would be much higher if I would take care of this issue.
So after some research I have now decided to publish the first two parts of my trilogy as ONE book with the title “The Lily Amis story” in 2016 with a new ISBN. I truly hope and pray that this will solve the ordering process for Wholesalers and traditional bookstores. And that there is no more excuse anymore.
Because I honestly couldn’t promote my memoir at a better time than now! 2015 was the year of refugees! In all countries and all languages, the refugee issue was a global subject. But still most bookstores in UK, Germany and Swiss refused to support me as an Indie Author and my books. I guess if I was published by a traditional international publishing company my memoir would have been on the Bestselling List by now
According to the site The bookseller, I found out that in UK four bookshops have  opened in 2015 that is specialized in supporting Independent Authors. So I contacted them and asked if they would stock my book titles! But I haven't received ANY response till now! All I can hope now is that Amazon will open physical book stores soon and support Independent Authors like me. Fingers crossed!

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