August 18, 2021

Humanity Before Nationality - Mission Impossible?

Even though I just recently decided to put my online petition plans (after three years) aside, I realized that I just can’t do it! 

I can’t hear about the suffering of helpless refugees stuck in refugee camps, watch the news about the horrible life and work conditions of refugees in European countries and just stay silent and ignore it all, just because Covid19 has changed the world and people's willingness to support others.

We have always been living in a shallow and selfish world, but unfortunately, Covid19 has made people even more selfish, which is understandable because everyone is struggling in one or another way, be it mentally, emotionally, physically, or financially. 

AND YET…. we are still living a more privileged life than millions of innocent war victims around the globe! Asylum-seekers, refugees, and displaced humans were already living in hell before this pandemic and the recent crises in Greece and Afghanistan. But now everything is even worse and it is thoughtless, heartless, and selfish to ignore the misery of these voiceless and helpless people. 

So on August 1st, 2021, I have published my online petition with the title “Humanity Before Nationality” at


In the first week, I have contacted 70 active organizations, that I followed on Instagram who are working “with” or “for” refugees, and not one single person has signed the petition. I have contacted a handful of relatives and not one single person has signed yet. So I thought I should probably translate my petition into other languages. 

August 5th I have published my petition in German and Italian. 

In the second week, I sent DM on Twitter and Facebook to organizations and charities that are working "with" or "for" refugees. Unfortunately, the 300  Twitter accounts seem to be inactive accounts. Their last postings were in 2020 before the pandemic. Facebook Groups seem to be inactive as well. But I keep posting and sharing.

August 12th I have published the petition in French

August 28th I have published a "Step-by-Step Guide" here on my blog for those who have difficulties with signing the petition. 

September 2021: In September, I've sent out around 1000 DM to individuals and organizations on Instagram and Twitter, hundreds of Amnesty organizations worldwide as well as German celebrities from TV, Film, and Music! No result so far! 

I will continue to be the voice for the voiceless and bring awareness for the refugees worldwide, despite the fact that it is an unpopular topic and despite the lack of support so far. I am and will always be the Voice4Refugees no matter what!

September 30th I have published the petition in Spanish

October I have extended the petition until the end of July 2022!

FYI: If you like to stay in the loop, please visit my blog and check out the updates in this post!  This post will be a "featured post" on the right sidebar of my blog for the next months. I will update and inform you about the petition process, which I already know won’t be an easy one. I may fail but at least I’m trying. That’s all I can do, even though it looks as if this goal is a mission impossible! Thank you. Danke. Merci. Grazie. 


You can sign the petition anonymously because we respect your privacy! 

Humanity Before Nationality

Menschlichkeit vor Nationalität

L'umanità prima della nazionalità 



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