April 15, 2020

LOVE & LOYALTY is out now!


My new book, "Love & Loyalty, The Lonely Ducky", is coming April 24 to major retailers, but the ebook is available NOW at #Smashwords for immediate purchase and reading! #presale

Book description of “LOVE & LOYALTY - The Lonely Ducky”:  
There is a saying ‘Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family’. And yet self-love and loyalty is even more important, because it helps you to survive all kinds of challenges and difficulties in life. 

Charlie is a little lonely duck suffering from memory loss. He ends up in the city park of Vienna in Austria and is desperately looking for love and loyalty. He tries to fit in, in different bird communities, but wherever he goes, he feels displaced. Inclusion and acceptance become a huge challenge for his little heart and soul. But miracles do happen, when you least expect it!  “Love & Loyalty” is an educational anti-discrimination and anti-bullying story about acceptance and inclusion for young and young at heart readers.

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