August 01, 2019

Read My Mind Special Edition 2019 featuring Novelist Rima Jbara

Dear Blog Visitor, 

I’m happy to announce that this winter we will publish a special Edition of our colorful and free blogger magazine Read My Mind.  The winter issue will be fully dedicated to Instagram authors, bloggers and artist community. 

One of our featured Instagram authors is the talented and award-winning Novelist Rima Jbara from Kingdom of Jordan. This short interview with Rima is just a preview of the upcoming issue. Find out more about Rima’s books and other International authors in December 2019. via 

Rima, when did you first start writing? Was being a writer something you always aspired to be?

I was fourteen years old, when I wrote and published my first book in 1992 in the Middle East. I never aspired to be a writer at a young age. It just  happened by coincidence. I have no idea why I started writing. It could be because I was a lonely child or it could be because I loved my own company more than having friends around since my interests were completely different from the girls at my age.

What inspired you to write and publish your latest book?

This book for me is special because I had challenged myself to overcome a writer’s block that lasted four years. Plus, the first book I wrote since my dad passed away after a long battle with cancer which left me traumatized. I think every book has something for someone. People who are into psychology and contemporary women should read all the books that I wrote since 2000.
Usually sadness, pain and depression inspire me to write all the time. I have been working on my 16th book ‘Let Me Have My Say’ for two years.

A quote by you or your Life motto? 

One of my quotes: ‘I want to explore the depth in a woman’s psyche as I write about women’s rage and rebellion.’ Rima

More of this interview will be available in our Special Edition. Stay tuned....  Lily