December 20, 2018


There is a say „Don’t judge a book by its cover“. Well today I feel like I have to make a statement regarding my memoirs title, which was published in Italy this November and was presented at the book Fair in Rome Piu Libri Piu Liberi in december 2018.
“Destinazione Libertà, Una voce per tutti quelli che non ce l'hanno” in English “Destination Freedom, The Voice for the Voiceless” is an honest memoir about my difficult experiences as a war refugee in Switzerland. My voice for the voiceless is for all the refugees worldwide, who suffer under the horrible refugee law, which takes away your dignity and human rights. Most importantly the right for an independent life. The right for a proper education and employment! The right for a fearless and safe future!
It is unfortunate that Italian Journalists made the false assumption that my books title and subtitle is a protest against my birth country Iran. They couldn’t be more wrong!!! If they would have made the time to read the entire book, they would have realized that my PROTEST is against the International refugee law! Especially in Switzerland, where my mother and I were treated like criminals!
My experience is from three decades ago. But reality is, to this date refugees have very small and realistic chances to adopt themselves into their new country and be part of the society. My protest is against people like the Italian Minister Salvini, who is against refugees and forces a NON-Profit organization like Baobab Experience (a safe shelter for refugees in Rome) to shot down their doors in winter and puts hundreds of innocent and helpless refugees on the street and makes them homeless, in the holly city of Rome, just a few steps away from the Vatican and the Catholic church! I wonder if people like Mister Salvini know anything about Karma! How can you sleep at night, when you are responsible for such a cruel, heartless and irresponsible action? That’s my voice for the voiceless!

I’m afraid the false assumption by Italian Journalists at the book event happened because of the other book that was presented at the same time on the same stage. I 1000% distance myself from the other book! I think by leaving the stage before the second book presentation began, I made a clear statement!!! I distance myself in general from anything and anyone that is insulting my beloved birth country Iran, my beautiful culture, my mentality and my religion!
Lily Amis

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