January 13, 2018

Read My Lips, No Comment Magazine!

I hope you enjoyed Christmas with your loved ones and had a good start in 2018. It’s only the second week of a new year and I have already so much new and exciting projects going on.
“Read My Lips, No Comment” is a brand new and free monthly magazine. In a fast growing world where there is so much happening daily we sometimes struggle to catch up and be up-to-date about everything. Also not all of us have the time to read the newspaper. So we were thinking often if not always a picture says more than thousand words. Since our free blogger magazine Read My Mind is being published only three times a year (March, June and November) we like to keep you up-to-date monthly with Read My Lips. Stay tuned for the first issue...
Thank you for visiting my blog and being so supportive and lovely.
Lily Amis

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