October 18, 2017

Read My Mind Winter issue 2017 is out now!

In the third and last issue of Read My Mind in 2017 we again have inspiring and educational articles for our readers. Are you an Author living outside of America, United Kingdom and Canada and you want to produce audio books?

Well I have found the solution for you. I have produced my first two audio books in summer 2017 and will share my experience with a very helpful step by step guideline.

Listen to my two audio book samples on that will be soon available in all download stores and as physical CD.

Our American RMM Columnist Rick Amitin is inspiring us with two lovely articles. Our British Columnist Annelisa Christensen is educating us once again with her interesting article “Warm hands, warm heart” about history. And our lovely American Columnist Bibiana Krall is taking us once again to a new destination. Our youngest Author and Columnist Trevor Pacelli is inspring us with a new movie review as well. There is so much to discover. Find out who won our Book Trailer contest and discover new and lovely books in different genres for your next read.  

The winter issue is now available in print and online on 11. NOVEMBER 2017
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