December 30, 2016

Time off!

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR and many thanks for stopping by! May your 2017 be filled with creativity and productivity and less with useless Social media activity! Or as I call it precious life time sucker that leads you to nowhere!
As I said in one of my previous posts Likes & RT are not a currency! Therefore I’m taking time off from blogging and cutting back on Social media, while I’m working on new books and brand new collections.

A reportage I watched recently on German Television confirmed my negative attitude about the nonsense time killer: Social media! Many people and companies buy their followers and Likes to make the false impression that they are very successful in what they’re doing or offering. This is nothing but the modern way of corruption and only the companies who offer this corrupt-service benefit from fame-hungry victims. Also what many users dont realize is that you are giving all these socialmedia platforms extremly valueable informations about yourself that are being used for Marketing Research by major companies with nothing in return for you. This nonsense is also being used in political campaigns.
Speaking of politic as a blogger who posted allot about the Refugee crises and followed the American Election I realize now that writing about these topics is nothing but poison for my soul. Whether I write about it or not nothing is going to change! The richer get richer, the poorer get poorer. The mighty-hungry get mightier. And the innocent victims by destiny are more hope- and helpless than ever.
Looking at images from Aleppo and the unbelievable result of the American Election I decided that I want to enjoy writing. When I post about these horrible topics I only get upset and sad. Despite an average of 10000 blog visitors monthly from all over the world I feel that I have much more to achieve with my writing! I want to spread love and hope and make readers forget their worries for a while.

So for my emotional sake I will focus on my book scripts and only write and publish hopeful stories that make the readers forget the hard reality and their difficulties of Life in our society! I want to inspire and educate my young and adult readers. Journalists and Reporters who report about the misery in our world are having an income. It’s their job! But Bloggers like me who post about these sad topics don’t get anything in return. It is nothing but waste of precious life time and an emotional torture. I won’t allow this negative and toxic world stories to rent space in my head and in my heart anymore. I’m raising my rent and kicking out all the negativity.  

I’m grateful for all my REAL followers and my REAL Likes. But it is time to distance myself. There is a REAL world out there that has so much more to offer than mindless surfing, liking, disliking, following and unfollowing! We all should focus on our personal life’s and the people around us instead of wasting it on the Internet and interacting with people that we don’t know and we probably never will meet in person! Many of them are nothing but shinning pretenders and not real and honest. Don’t believe everything that you read or see! Appreciate your family and friends and don’t take TIME for granted! The time you are wasting now on Internet and the Social media will not return!
Give my words a thought! Nevertheless I hope you enjoy your visit here. There is plenty to discover about different topics. Back in October 2015 I started this blog to mainly promote my books. But the more time went by the more topics I had to share because I have such a wide field of interests in art, music, movies and politic. So I have created Labels to make it easier for you to browse through ALL my posts! Please visit this link here and find the topic of your interest. You can also visit my website!

FYI: All my published books and E-books for young and adult are REDUCED on Smashwords and Amazon. Check out the new prices!

I will be back on this blog to promote my new books "Lily Amis Short Stories",  "Teddy & Lily", "History Reloaded - Shit happens...", "Birdy & Fishy - Destination: Freedom", "Monsieur Jac in Love", "Planet nasSima design", "The Colors of Hope" and "Santa City"

Stay tuned... All the best & God bless, Lily Amis






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