November 16, 2016

Little Lily is now also available in German! have published Little Lily last Christmas in English. It is based on Destination: Freedom and Angel of Hope & Lily, featuring Monsieur Jac Couture. Little Lily in Print includes black and white Illustrations.

This year I’m publishing the book also in German. Both titles are available in print and as e-book. The German title is Die Kleine Lily. You can get the E-book here!

Now I like to use this opportunity to reveal a long-kept secret! As you recognize the book cover is the back cover of Destination: Freedom and Angel of Hope & Lily. A little girl walking along a street from behind.

Many Readers asked me if this is a picture of me as a child. And today I give you the answer. No, it isn’t me! This gorgeous picture was taken by my talented brother Bard, who's a professional photograph in Toronto Canada.

And this little cutie is my gorgeous niece Bodi. The picture was taken in 2014, when she was seven years old. I had this idea and my brother and my niece supported me by doing this photo shooting extra for my book covers.

Meanwhile this beautiful picture of her is not only on Destination: Freedom, Angel of Hope & Lily, Little Lily and my song lyric book Angel of Hope, Wings of tenderness, but also available on on lovely products. So let me introduce you the sweet girl behind the cover and book collection!

My beautiful niece Bodi and me in Toronto Christmas 2013


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