November 02, 2016

Get your perfect X-Mas Book!

Goodbye October, Hello November! Unbelievable but true: Time flies! The stores are already in Christmas decoration and whether we like it or not it is time to give X-Mas gifts a thought. And what is better than a book? Honestly! The only thing I can think of is maybe a CD or a great DVD!

But Books are for sure the best X-Mas gift for friends and family. Why? Because they don’t judge you. They don’t lie to you. They don’t cheat on you. And most importantly they don’t have any expectations. Books are your lifelong loyal friends that entertain you, encourage you, inspire you or educate you.
Well as you know I had the privilege to interview four inspirational Female Indie-Authors such as Bibiana Krall @Bibiana1Krall, Annelisa Christensen @Alpha_Annelisa, Rachel McGrath @rjg27 and Jessica Snape @jsnapebooks. I really do encourage you to support these wonderful and talented ladies in different genres. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy discovering some exceptional Indie Authors and their fascinating stories for young and adult.

There is something for every taste. Whether you like Fiction or Non-Fiction, history or an inspiring memoir, take a look at my list and make sure to get your copy on time for your loved ones.

As for my own books, I’m offering a X-MAS-DISCOUNT for all my titles! Hope you find the right title for yourself or for your loved ones. Lots of love & happy X-Mas Shopping, Lily x




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