October 04, 2016

Destination: Freedom is nominated!

"The Independent Authors Award"

I’m thrilled and extremely touched to announce that my memoir “Destination: Freedom” is one of the FINALISTS in the Non-Fiction category for the Independent Authors Award 2016!

It is truly the best feeling ever and so encouraging getting some recognition by professional Authors and readers from the industry after working for years on your baby, after putting your heart and soul in your book. Writing a book is not easy. And writing a memoir is even harder! Not only do you have to remember every single painful moment in your life, but you also have to re-live it to be able to describe your feelings and emotions.

So whether my book Destination: Freedom wins the Non-Fiction category or not, I already feel as a winner for being nominated by McGraths House Ltd, who is offering a great and professional service for Independent Authors.

Thank you so much for nominating my memoir in the Non-Fiction category! It is an honor to be recognized along other passionate and devoted Indie Authors! I wish all the Finalists in all categories the best of luck. May the best one win the Independent Authors Award!

FYI: "
Destination: Freedom" is the first part of a trilogy. The frist and second book "Definition of Freedom" will be soon available as ONE BOOK! "The Lily Amis Story" will be out on December 1. 2016! Check out the Official book Trailer here or visit the official Facebook page here!


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