September 07, 2016

A reflection of our society!

America’s Royal Family, my illustrated Fiction book is a reflection of our society. Thanks to social media many people forget the important values in life these days. Our brains are overdosed with useless information’s and we all are affected by it whether we like it or not. The really precious and priceless gifts in life such as love, family and friendship are becoming irrelevant. Despite of the global-connection to strangers most people feel lonelier, isolated, unloved and unappreciated than ever.

Social isolation is the result from our selfish, superficial, social media and selfie-obsessed society! So what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word selfie? Who is the first person that comes to your mind when you think about selfies?

As always I want to entertain and educate my readers. Tired of our selfish, social media, superficial, selfie and botty-obsessed society, a lonely girl looking desperately for love and family decides to make a change in her life. Not wanting to spend another isolated and loveless Christmas ever again, she journeys to find America’s Royal Family. On her long and not so promising way from Zurich to Los Angeles, with stops in New York and Washington D.C., she meets a few celebrities with whom she exchanges deep, eye-opening, touching and funny conversations.

Will she find America’s Royal Family?
Will she achieve her dream of not spending Christmas alone?
And the most important question of all: Who is America’s Royal Family?
You will have to read and see!

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