September 29, 2016

A wonderful 5 star review for Americas Royal Family

Just received this wonderful 5 star Review from Readers Favourite!

Lily Amis’s America’s Royal Family is what I would call a humorous adventure parody. Lisy is a lonely girl and all she wants is a family who will love her and make her feel as though she belongs. She suddenly is fed up with feeling this way and on a whim she flies from Switzerland to the United States in search of the elusive America’s Royal Family. Lily Amis writes an enjoyable, engaging and entertaining story that will keep you guessing… ‘Who is America’s Royal family?’ and ‘do they really exist?’ As Lisy travels from New York to Washington and then to Los Angeles, she has some of the biggest celebrities and historical figures completely stumped as she searches for America’s Royal Family.
An enjoyable satire that brings to life some current issues faced by social media and today’s materialism and superficiality. Lily Amis highlights these issues in an adventurous and fun way. While aimed at either children or adults – this book will have different meanings to both - I would actually suggest that this is best suited to the pre-teen and teenager market, given its references to social media and image obsession. These are two primary issues that affect the youth of today and will continue to become more prevalent as technology advances. The illustrations are wonderfully added, making this a very different story, one that you will remember and certainly talk about afterwards. I highly commend this author for her creativity, imagination, and enchanting storytelling in a tale that will be enjoyed by many.

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Print Book on Createspace (Available October 16.2016)

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September 15, 2016

Has history taught us nothing?

The United States of America – a great country, considered the superpower of the world… but what would Abraham Lincoln say if he were around today?

·         The rise of reality television, social media and claims to fame based on scandal, sensationalism, superficiality and a lack of real talent…

·         A presidential campaign that is making a mockery out of a long and well established system…

·         War, terrorism, discrimination, injustice and poverty overruling family values, respect and basic human rights…

·         Education and hard work no longer mean success; money, power and sex appeal will get you everywhere.

But… Can America’s Royal Family save the world from this self-destructing system that the US is generating?

And… Who is America’s Royal Family?

America’s Royal Family is an engaging and humorous parody written by author, Lily Amis, which reflects society’s focus on social media, body obsession, and superficiality.  A story which takes readers on a journey with a young girl, Lisy, from Europe, through some of the major cities of the United States of America in search of the elusive Royal Family of America.

Will she find them? Do they actually exist? Who are they?

Written in two versions for Adults and Children and filled with colourful illustrations!


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September 07, 2016

A reflection of our society!

America’s Royal Family, my illustrated Fiction book is a reflection of our society. Thanks to social media many people forget the important values in life these days. Our brains are overdosed with useless information’s and we all are affected by it whether we like it or not. The really precious and priceless gifts in life such as love, family and friendship are becoming irrelevant. Despite of the global-connection to strangers most people feel lonelier, isolated, unloved and unappreciated than ever.

Social isolation is the result from our selfish, superficial, social media and selfie-obsessed society! So what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word selfie? Who is the first person that comes to your mind when you think about selfies?

As always I want to entertain and educate my readers. Tired of our selfish, social media, superficial, selfie and botty-obsessed society, a lonely girl looking desperately for love and family decides to make a change in her life. Not wanting to spend another isolated and loveless Christmas ever again, she journeys to find America’s Royal Family. On her long and not so promising way from Zurich to Los Angeles, with stops in New York and Washington D.C., she meets a few celebrities with whom she exchanges deep, eye-opening, touching and funny conversations.

Will she find America’s Royal Family?
Will she achieve her dream of not spending Christmas alone?
And the most important question of all: Who is America’s Royal Family?
You will have to read and see!

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Available 16. October 2016



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September 04, 2016

WHO is America’s Royal Family?

When I think about America the first thing that comes to my mind is Entertainment, Hollywood, Film and the Television Industry.”
Lily Amis
Whether we like it or not the United States of America is ruling the world when it comes to music, media, cinema, film, television, soap operas, tawdry reality productions and of course social media. Considered a blessing and a curse, all these things are ruling our daily lives regardless of location, age, level of education and gender. Society is becoming brainwashed with nonsense.
One would think that history has taught us a lesson. However, watching the daily news and current events, I wonder what the former U.S. Presidents like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln or even President Kennedy would make of the America of today.
With a population of over 320 million people, you could say the country has become an international joke. Perhaps it is all for Entertainment? However, with political campaigns that are fast becoming an international joke, and where terror, war, discrimination, injustice and poverty are driving people to live in fear, struggling for survival; is America making a fool out of itself?
The question to ask, is where are the human values, respect and dignity of a nation that stands under God with liberty and justice for all? Will the forty-fifth presidential election really result in a strong leader, capable of leading this international superpower?
What about America’s Royal Family? Perhaps it is time to let them move into the White House? Perhaps it is America’s Royal Family who can save the United States of America and the world from a living nightmare!
But the question is WHO is America’s Royal Family?
Introducing the new release, illustrated fiction story by author, Lily Amis. This humorous parody is a reflection of the selfish, silly, superficial, social media and botty-obsessed society, which will leave readers with a not-so-superficial message.
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Available 16. October 2016




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September 01, 2016

A wonderful 5 star review for Bon Voyage!

Just received this wonderful 5 star Review from Readers Favorite!
Bon Voyage: Monsieur Jac & Lily Travel to Europe by Lily Amis is a heartwarming and fascinating story that revolves around the travels of Monsieur Jac Couture and little Lily. Being a war refugee, Lily does not have a passport as yet and cannot leave her country. But Jac, Lily's super smart friend, the tiny snail, comes up with an excellent idea that sees Jac and Lily deciding to travel and discover the beauty of Europe, its historic cities, and sharing with readers the essence of each place they have visited in Europe.
They begin their trip in Italy and take readers to Austria, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and France, leaving them yearning to travel to Europe and also developing an interest in discovering new places. The book is interesting and exciting and makes readers want to explore new places. The illustrations are cute and give an idea of what to see in these historical cities.
It's a good bedtime storybook for parents and grandparents to read out to their kids and grandkids. The book can also be kept in school libraries as it makes good reference material and will instill a love for traveling among children. Readers also get to learn about the places of interest, the food, and the important landmarks in all the place they visit. The author also reiterates the presence of angels in her life and their protection, love, and care. The book is vibrant, charming, and filled with fun and excitement.
The official book Trailer on Youtube!

Angel of Hope & Lily, featuring Monsieur Jac Couture (part 1)
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Bon Voyage, Monsieur Jac & Lily travel to Europe (part 2)
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Encase you haven’t already seen it, Monsieur Jac has his own collections. Take a look at this link. You may discover a gift for yourself, for your kid or for your loved ones!

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