April 26, 2016

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About this Blog
Back in August 2015 I started this blog to mainly promote my books as an Indie-Author. But the more time goes by the more topics I have to share because I have such a wide field of interests in art, music, films, politic and much more. By the way if you’re one of those readers, who is bothered by spelling or grammar errors, please read my Confession as a writer and you know my opinion about it. ;-)

FYI: English is my 4th language and as opposite to my books and my Blogger magazine Read My Mind that are professionally edited and polished, my posts on this blog are my thoughts and opinion that I share from my heart without polishing it by a second person.

By the way my books in print are available on Amazon but my ebooks are available on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd, Apple and many more stores and not on Amazon Kindle. All the links are on my Website:

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Warm regards and best wishes, Lily Amis


Interviews in 2017
Each one of us has a story to tell and everyone we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about. Many of them are inspiring people with inspiring stories that deserve to be discovered. So this section on my blog is dedicated to exceptional people who have something to educate us about. I will promote their work (Books, Music, Films, Photography, Art etc.) and introduce them to you.

Thanks to ALL my inspirational interview partners from around the world. It is an honour to share your story on my blog! God bless each one of you. Lily x
Lily Amis interviewing Swedish Singer & Actor Carl Lindquist
Lily Amis interviewing British Childrens Book Author Jessica Snape
Lily Amis interviewing British Author & Producer William Evan
Lily Amis interviewing British Actor Guy Potter
Lily Amis interviewing British Author Annelisa Christensen
Lily Amis interviewing Award-Winning British Actor Kevin Leslie
Lily Amis interviewing British Pianist & Singer James Sayer
Lily Amis interviewing James Kennedy front man of the band Kyshera
Lily Amis interviewing Indie-Fiction Author Bibiana Krall
Lily Amis interviewing young Author Trevor Pacelli

During the refugee crises  in 2015 I have posted allot about this topic. But I have decided not to post anything  about Politic anymore. When I post about these horrible issues, I only get upset and sad. But I want to spread love and hope and make readers forget the hard reality and their difficulties of life in our society! I want to inspire and educate my young and adult readers. But if you're interested in reading my opinion, I have published a collection of all my posts about Politic & the Refugee crises in "History Reloaded, Shit happens...". The Print copy includes images as well. Enjoy the read and discover my view of history! Lily

HISTORY RELOADED is a collection of post-series, by multi-genre author & blogger, Lily Amis. Lily started to blog in 2015 when the refugee crisis hit Europe. She was about to promote her memoir, “Destination: Freedom”, which is about her own experience as a child, war-refugee in the eighties.

The collection of posts includes her thoughts and interviews during the refugee crisis, with British newspapers and female magazines such as, The Mirror, Female First, and Frost Magazine.
Lily’s views on all the mess that is ruling our selfish and superficial society of today are personal and honest. War history, discrimination, racism, the Calais jungle, The Paris attacks, the crises in Syria, Afghanistan and Aleppo are all covered. The shock with Brexit, the American Presidential Election of 2016, and finally the new United States President are just a few of the topics that made shocking history!

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