March 14, 2016


What has become of us? A brainless generation where the main activities and worries are “How many Twitter follower do I have?”,How many Facebook Likes do I have?”, “How many YouTube clicks do I have?” or “How popular am I in the world wide web?” without and before having achieved anything meaningful or useful in Life! Without accomplishing anything valuable for this world. I don’t know how you see it but I ask myself daily What happened to the really important valuable things in Life, such as Family, Love, Friendship, humanity, honesty and reliable selfless relationships?

Sadly I can’t change the world and I certainly can’t change people’s opinion, life style and attitude. If they decide to live a brainless and superficial Life without overthinking anything than I have to accept it. But what I can do is escaping for a while from this rubbish and loveless reality. So how do I do it? I do it by watching movies where I at least for a while can believe that the world and humanity is not completely over.  I love movies that are either funny, romantic, inspiring, entertaining, historical or educational. Watching movies is my way of escaping from the daily life, avoiding annoying and uninspiring people and the stupid, superficial created reality of our society today.

So after 90 minutes I want to feel better. I want to be emotionally touched or rationally educated. But these days it seems that even the Film Industry is only focused on making fast and easy money with trash stories for brainless people. Big Blockbusters are either re-producing old film scripts for the hundred times. (Seriously how many more Superman’s, Spiderman’s and Batman’s do we need?) Or they are filling our brains with more meaningless rubbish. Uninspiring and loveless stories of crime, violence and nonsense with pointless dialogues. Big Stars and rich production companies get richer with silly but expensive Film projects. Especially modern science fiction that are overdosed with special effects make a fortune already on the first weekend at the Cinemas.

Let’s face it if we count the precious time that we’re spending on the Internet, Social media platforms and watching stupid and useless movies, we probably would be shocked about how we waste valuable and priceless lifetime for absolutely nothing in return. I mean what do we learn from Social media? We get nothing but we give these platforms and big International companies behind it valuable information’s about us for their Product marketing strategies. And yes we do it all for FREE! What do we learn from action, crime, science fiction, thriller or horror movies? Nothing, but we make the filmmakers richer. Do these movies teach us anything about Love, trust, family, friendship, relationship, respect or tolerance? The only things which are actually important in life! Tragically the answer is NO!

Therefore I will update THIS POST with a list of movies that I have (unfortunately) watched and find extremely useless for the reasons I have mentioned above. I will only recommend movies on my blog #Lilywood that make me laugh, forget reality for a while, touch my heart, give me hope and teach me lessons about love, trust, hope, relationships, friendship and family.

A good movie recipe for me is very simple: An honest and touching story from the heart. Played by two to maximum four leading characters. Beautiful sceneries, meaningful dialogues, Humour, touch of irony, unexpected twists and emotionally moving. When I watch a movie the story must catch my attention in the first 15 minutes. I must feel connected either to the story or to the main character. If not I lost interest, feel disconnected and I’m gone. As simple as that.

So if you don’t see any comments on my film list, it means I realized right from the beginning that it is a #WOT Movie (Waste of time movie) and thankfully didn’t waste more 75 Minutes of my life on it. If you have seen any #WOT Movies yourself please don’t hesitate to send me a link from IMDB. If you have any Film recommendations that you like to share please also inform me about it. Because I will also list a #Must C Movies on this side.

Do you need movie suggestions? Check out @PacelliTrevor or visit his blog. Trevor is a young and passionate author and movie critic in USA and writes film Reviews.

May 2016

#WOT Movie -The Deaths of Ian Stone 2007
Seriously? Do we really need this crap to feel entertained? This is a perfect example of a #WOT Movie!

#WOT Movie –  There’s Something About Mary 1998
" Everything about this movie is just offensive from start to finish. It makes fun of Autism, it makes fun of animal abuse and it does nothing to promote good values towards dating relationships. Oh, and it’s painfully unfunny. "
Thank you @PacelliTrevor for suggesting this “#WOT” Movie.
#WOT Movie –  The other Woman 2014
Another useless movie by Actress Cameron Diaz. Don’t get me wrong, I like Cameron Diaz. She’s gorgeous and talented. But the choices of movies she makes are truly questionable. Waste of time and waste of talent for an useless, uninspiring and unfunny Film.

 April 2016
#WOT Movie - Superman Man of steel 2013"
Even though I love the handsome actor Henry Cavill and the story of Superman, I would never ever allow kids to watch this extremely violent and dark movie. This film destroyed the message of Clark Kent/Superman. This film reflects actually the negative and violent society from today - which is very unfortunate and sad. I can’t believe it that this movie actually had a budget of 225 million dollar. What a waste. So many hungry and sick children could have been saved!

#WOT Movie - "Gravity 2013"
with Sandra Bullock & George Clooney. Seriously? What the hell was that? Listen, I love Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, but this movie was truly a waste of time. According to IMDB the movies budget was $100'000'000!!!! Again what a waste! What a waste. So many hungry and sick children could have been saved!

#WOT Movie - "Goodbye Lover 1999"
with Don Johnson and Ellen Degeneres. Sorry, no comment!

March 2016
#WOT Movie "Larry Crown 2011"
The first #WOT movie on my list is “Larry Crown” with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. As much as I love Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks, this movie with a budget of 30 Million dollar that made 72 Million at the Box Office is nothing but trash. One of those movies that the world can do without easily.
Why on earth should I watch a movie where the messages are: Life sucks! Marriage sucks! Divorce sucks! Education sucks! Unemployment sucks and so on. Hey that’s life! We all know that already. That’s why we love to watch movies. Because we want to escape and forget the reality and have enjoyable time.
But this movie is nothing but a negative reflection of our society filled with useless dialogues and nonsense. Nothing about this movie that is titled as “Romantic Comedy” was funny or romantic.
I remember the interviews when Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks were promoting the movie. All they did was complimenting each other. Julia Roberts about Tom Hanks: “Tom is amazing”. Tom Hanks about Julia Roberts. “She’s amazing”. We get it you like each other and of course people who hear about a movie with two Hollywood stars have high expectations. But this film proves that even the best actors can’t make a good movie without a good script. Tom Hanks with all respect but your script sucks! Stick to acting, forget the writing!
#WOT Movie The secret Life of Walter Mitty 2013"
by and with Ben Stiller

Sorry I’m lost for words here. I gave up after 10 Minutes! No comment!

Source Pictures: IMDB and Wikipedia

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