March 14, 2016



What has become of us? A brainless generation where the main activities and worries are “How many Twitter follower do I have?”,How many Facebook Likes do I have?”, “How many YouTube clicks do I have?” or “How popular am I in the world wide web?” without and before having achieved anything meaningful or useful in Life! Without accomplishing anything valuable for this world. I don’t know how you see it but I ask myself daily What happened to the really important valuable things in Life, such as Family, Love, Friendship, humanity, honesty and reliable selfless relationships?

Sadly I can’t change the world and I certainly can’t change people’s opinion, life style and attitude. If they decide to live a brainless and superficial Life without overthinking anything than I have to accept it. But what I can do is escaping for a while from this rubbish and loveless reality. So how do I do it? I do it by watching movies where I at least for a while can believe that the world and humanity is not completely over.  I love movies that are either funny, romantic, inspiring, entertaining, historical or educational. Watching movies is my way of escaping from the daily life, avoiding annoying and uninspiring people and the stupid, superficial created reality of our society today.

So after 90 minutes I want to feel better. I want to be emotionally touched or rationally educated. But these days it seems that even the Film Industry is only focused on making fast and easy money with trash stories for brainless people. Big Blockbusters are either re-producing old film scripts for the hundred times. (Seriously how many more Superman’s, Spiderman’s and Batman’s do we need?) Or they are filling our brains with more meaningless rubbish. Uninspiring and loveless stories of crime, violence and nonsense with pointless dialogues. Big Stars and rich production companies get richer with silly but expensive Film projects. Especially modern science fiction that are overdosed with special effects make a fortune already on the first weekend at the Cinemas.
Let’s face it if we count the precious time that we’re spending on the Internet, Social media platforms and watching stupid and useless movies, we probably would be shocked about how we waste valuable and priceless lifetime for absolutely nothing in return. I mean what do we learn from Social media? We get nothing but we give these platforms and big International companies behind it valuable information’s about us for their Product marketing strategies. And yes we do it all for FREE! What do we learn from action, crime, science fiction, thriller or horror movies? Nothing, but we make the filmmakers richer. Do these movies teach us anything about Love, trust, family, friendship, relationship, respect or tolerance? The only things which are actually important in life! Tragically the answer is NO!
Therefore I will update THIS POST with a list of movies that I have (unfortunately) watched and find extremely useless for the reasons I have mentioned above. I will only recommend movies on my blog #Lilywood that make me laugh, forget reality for a while, touch my heart, give me hope and teach me lessons about love, trust, hope, relationships, friendship and family.

A good movie recipe for me is very simple: An honest and touching story from the heart. Played by two to maximum four leading characters. Beautiful sceneries, meaningful dialogues, Humour, touch of irony, unexpected twists and emotionally moving. When I watch a movie the story must catch my attention in the first 15 minutes. I must feel connected either to the story or to the main character. If not I lost interest, feel disconnected and I’m gone. As simple as that.
So if you don’t see any comments on my film list, it means I realized right from the beginning that it is a #WOT Movie (Waste of time movie) and thankfully didn’t waste more 75 Minutes of my life on it. If you have seen any #WOT Movies yourself please don’t hesitate to send me a link from IMDB. If you have any Film recommendations that you like to share please also inform me about it. Because I will also list a #Must C Movies on this side.

Do you need movie suggestions? Check out @PacelliTrevor or visit his blog. Trevor is a young and passionate author and movie critic in USA and writes film Reviews.

#MUSTC  - "The Sixth Sense" 1999
No words needed. Just watch it! Bruce Willis is amazing like always!

#MUSTC  - "The  Shawshank Redemption"  1994
One of my favourite movies of all time. Nothing is more important in Life than Freedom. I know exactly how it feels like to be imprisoned! Wondering why read my memoir "Destination: Freedom"

#MUSTC  - "Hachi: A Dog's Tale" 2009
Absolutly lovely story with the wonderful Richard Gere. I cried so much...

JUNE 2016

#MUSTC  - "Water for Elephants" 2011 
The handsome Robert Pattinson and the beautiful Reese Witherspoon. And not to mention the amazing Christopf Walz. I hated him through the entire movie. That shows how good he Acts! :-) A clean Love story I absolutly recommend!

#MUSTC  - "Shine" 1996
The story of the Pianist David Helfgott is absolutly heartbreaking. And the acting of Geoffrey Rush just amazing.  A movie for all music Lovers!

#MUSTC  - "August Rush" 2007
I Love everything about this movie. The story. The Actors such as the talented and handsome Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers also known as Henry VIII from the Tudors.
A MUSTC MOVIE for all music Lovers!

May 2016
#MUSTC -"PS: I love you" 2007
This is one of my favourite movies of all time. I love everything about it. The story of Love beyond death is magical. All of us wish to find THE one person in Life. Even though tragically and sad, this beautiful Romance gives us hope that Love indeed exist and that it goes beyond the world we know. If you don’t feel the pain and devastation that Hilary Swanks character is feeling, after the passing of her husband - played by the amazing Gerard Butler- then something is wrong with you. I suffered with her throughout the entire movie and felt the deep grief of loss. But the film also gives hope not to ever doubt Gods plans. He knows what he’s doing. We just have to have faith and trust him.

#MUSTC -"PS: City of Angels" 1998
If you love Nicolas Cage you love this movie. If you love Meg Ryan you enjoy the movie. And if you love both of them, you will never ever forget this wonderful story. Again this is one of my favourite movies of all time. A beautiful film with touching and deep meaningful dialogues by two wonderful Hollywood actors. That’s what a perfect movie is about. I could watch this film over and over again. Even though I hate the ending of it and would change it for many reasons, I still think this film is exceptional. The way it shows and reminds us about the beauty of Life and living - something that we humans take for granted in our daily lives - is precious and beyond words.


#MUSTC -"12 years a Slave2013
Based on an incredible true story of one man's fight for survival and freedom in the pre-Civil War United States. From minute one you want to know how the story continues and if this poor man ever finds justice and his freedom again. The story is extremely emotional. I had to fight my tears throughout the entire movie. So much injustice and inhumanity breaks a soul. Boy there was so much insult and unfairness in human history. The sad thing is the time of slavery may be over, but even today people have to fight against prejudice and discrimination. So unfortunately nothing has really changed.


April 2016
#MUSTC -"The Monuments Men" 2013
I love movies that teach us about history. I had absolutly no clue about this true events that took place in the Second World War. For me this film is a great movie because of the story and not necessarily because of the cast such as actor Matt Damon and George Clooney.

#MUSTC -"The Island" 2005
with Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson. I actually like the movie, because it is inspiring and eye-opening. The Tagline of the movie is: "They don't want you to know what you are!" Even though Fiction it is indeed a reflection of our Society. Why? Because I feel that we all are living in a society where “Big Brother” is watching, influencing, controlling and brainwashing our behaviour us and our lifestyle for their own benefits without us noticing it! I think the movie deserves more credit. The only reason why it wasn't successful is probably because people don't want to see the reality and prefer to live in denial.
#MUSTC -"American Beauty" 1999
"Beautifully shot and terrifically acted, this is a movie that makes us question what we really define as beauty. Highly commended for anyone who wants to feel immersed in a suburban commentary where every character is instantly relatable in some way."
Review by Trevor Pacelli @PacelliTrevor, which I completly agree with. Thanks Trevor for sharing.
March 2016
#MUSTC -"Shadows in the Sun" 2005
An inspiring story with Joshua Jackson, Harvey Keitel and Claire Forlani. In my opinion a #MustC for every aspiring Author. What I love the most about this film beside the inspiring dialogues is the scenery. The Movie was filmed in Bella Italia Siena Tuscany.  

#MUSTC - "The Notebook" 2004
A beautiful Romance with Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. The Love story is based on a true story. A simple and honest Romance of two beautiful young people. A #MustC for those who believe in true Love regardless of social differences and Life circumstances.

Source Pictures: IMDB and Wikipedia

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