February 22, 2016

Who wants to join and support me on my “Entertain & Educate” Film project?

As you probably know by now from my previous posts about the nasSima Film design history, I’m planning to turn my memoir “Destination: Freedom” into a screenplay. But as opposite as writing and publishing a book, it is impossible to make a Film all by myself. I need to find and build a team of experienced and professionals from the Film Industry who have:
a.) the time, b.) the will, c.) the believe in my project and of course most importantly the knowhow and sources to make it happen.

I don’t know how you see it but I ask myself often what happened to the really good movies with meaningful messages? Films about Love, Family, Friendship, Togetherness, Humanity, Freedom, Hope and Peace that touch the viewers heart?

For me watching movies is my way of escaping from the daily life, avoiding annoying and uninspiring people and the stupid, superficial created reality of our society from today. After watching a 90 minutes film, I want to be emotionally touched or rationally educated. But these days it seems that the Film Industry is only focused on making fast and easy money with trash stories for brainless people.

Big Blockbusters are either re-productions from old film scripts for the hundred times. (Seriously how many more Superman’s, Spiderman’s and Batman’s do we need?) Or they are filling our brains with more meaningless rubbish. Uninspiring and loveless stories of crime, violence and nonsense with pointless dialogues.

So with my film Project, I not only want to touch the viewers heart but also educate them about important topics of Life. My story will touch emotionally and wakeup rationally.

This is a great opportunity for Independent Film makers, who are not only passionate about Film because of entertainment but, also want to make a change and educate viewers with a true story. Are you interested in making a change with an eye-opening and touching story? Are you interested in producing a Wakeup-call Movie? Are you interested in working on a story with unexpected twists and emotional challenges?

Well I’m looking for a professional and experienced Scriptwriter to work on the FINAL DRAFT of my script. I’m also looking for a FILM production company (Based in either USA, CANADA or UK, GERMANY, AUSTRIA, ITALY) for a co-operation. 

I not only offer my film script, but will also support the production team with my know how and experience in the following Areas: Film production planning & coordinating from A to Z in co-operation with the producers. Cast and Crew casting. Costume Department and Set design.

Find out more about my book, my short Film and my featured Film project and if you have any further question don’t hesitate to Tweet me your questions @nassimadesign.   
If you’re interested in reading the synopsis and production Info file please send me an email to: and I get back to you asap.

Please ONLY contact me if you’re a professional and experienced producer or production company and if you have serious interest in producing my film.
Please ONLY contact me if you have enough sources to finance a short movie for FILM FESTIVALS or the right connections and experience to finance a 90-minute featured movie.
FYI: You can also contact me NOW if you’re an actress/actor for the leading & supporting roles. Please send me your CV with Photo, Full Contact information of your Management/Agent, IMDB Link, Film references, links etc.

The book “Destination: Freedom”

My book is a memoir and the first part of my trilogy. “Destination: Freedom” is available in English and German on Amazon. My book has recently been promoted in United Kingdom and has enjoyed strong media exposure and public interest. Placements included two features with national newspaper the Daily Mirror as well as interviews with popular lifestyle websites Female First and Frost Magazine.  
The direct Link to my interviews is on my Website  A review on – the UK’s most visited book recommendation website – praised the memoir as a “frank, powerful and thought-provoking true-life story”. Other reviews are here.

The SHORT Movie “Destination: Freedom” for Film Festivals

Project description
Genres Drama, Biography, Fantasy
Film language English or German
Runtime 20-30 minutes
Keywords imprisoned, isolated, lonely, hopeless, freedom, escape, flashbacks
Tagline Freedom is the most precious blessing in Life. If you can’t feel it and live it, take a deep breath and escape.
Filming Location Studio

Specials  Beautiful special digital effects

Leading roles Young and adult Lily, Mother
Supporting roles  Grandmother, Grandfather
Extras 30 Adults, 5 Kids
Special guest star  Male Angel
Location Set 12 different sceneries (green room)
The Featured Movie “Destination: Freedom”

Project description

Genres Drama, Biography, Family
Film language English or German
Runtime 90-110 minutes
Keywords Based-on-a-true-story, Mother-daughter story, war, Escape, Bureaucracy, Forced marriage (in Europe), Surviving, Social isolation, Lost, Loneliness, Living in Europe.
Tagline A beautiful story of the loving bond between a mother and her child, of their courage and strength, and their amazing journey of triumph over heartbreak.
Filming Locations& Country
OUTSIDE LOCATIONS: ** Europe and one Asian Country
*Depending on the Location of the Film production company and Film Funding/Grants/Crowdfunding organizations. **Depending on which Asian country sponsors the film production (Singapore or Malaysia)


nasSima design in Hollywood

nasSima design in the Universal Studios
nasSima design in the Universal Studios LA
nasSima design in LA infront the OSCAR Steps

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