February 21, 2016

Which celebrity inspired me to finish my first book “Destination: Freedom” last part from 4

Which celebrity inspired & encouraged me to finish my first book “Destination: Freedom”

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Ten years later, our paths crossed again. I was in my absolute favorite city - in the amazing and astonishing London - searching for a publisher for this book when I saw posters saying that David was in town acting in the musical Chicago.
The voice within me said: “Go to the Show. You’ll be sorry if you don’t!” So I bought Tickets for mom and me right away. The Show was wonderful and it was great to see my Idol once again on stage after ten years. After so many years of trouble and sorrow, it felt so comforting. Now, I wasn’t a little girl anymore either. Nevertheless, my feelings for David had not changed. There had never been a man in my life who I adored and admired like David.

Since I believe in reincarnation, I am convinced that I have known David for much longer than I have in this lifetime. Who knows? Maybe he was my daddy in a different life. The closeness I felt with him was so strong – there was no one else I felt like this about, apart from mom.

Mom and I really enjoyed the show and I had never dreamed that I would get another chance to see David in person again after so many years. After the show we waited for him at the stage door and there he came. He looked handsome like always and he took time for his fans. I approached him again and we spoke for a while. Mom and I even got the chance to meet up with him in private a few days later and he was very kind and took the time to see us despite his full schedule.
Sima & David
I have to admit that it was an exciting experience, to sit next to my idol like this. Even after all these years. Listening to him, looking into his deep blue eyes and just being close to him. It was amazing! I wanted to stop the time and be there forever. I felt just like a little girl again. A little girl who finally saw her dream daddy after a long time and who just didn’t want to stop hugging him.
Anyway, during this personal and honest meeting with David, not only the title of my first book developed. I also saw that David is not a hero. He’s a lovely human being with weakness and imperfection like all of us. Being so close to him made me also realize that as David always said during his whole career “Dreams do come true, you just have to believe it and go for it”.
Me & David

To others my meeting with David may be meaningless. For me though it is the ultimate prove that when you really want something from your heart and you go for it, you actually can achieve it. Ever since I was thirteen years old all I wanted was to see David, the American actor and singer. Speak to him and spend some time with him. And there you go, I not only managed to see him twice as a kid but also even as an adult in my favorite city London. Who would have thought that? Me the little war-refugee-girl in Europe and he the successful and worldwide known Hollywood star. So you see everything is possible.

As I always say and believe nothing in life is a coincidence. David played a huge role in my emotional life and was more a father to me than my own flesh and blood. I will always be grateful for his kindness. I will always be thankful for him helping me through my most difficult teenage years by giving me hope, joy, happiness and precious moments with his music, TV Shows and Live Concerts.

I thank David Hasselhoff for being the kind of person that still today gives me and others pleasure, happiness, faith, strong will and strength. He is truly one in a billion and will always have a special place in my heart - 4 ever!

God bless David and his beautiful daughters Taylor Anne and Hayley Amber, who are meanwhile two lovely, gorgeous and talented ladies, to whom David was and still is the perfect loving and supporting father.

May David  always be able to see the many ways that his love and compassion is changing some lives for the better, and may just as much love and light fill his life and his daughter’s life with luck, happiness, prosperity, good fortune and every spiritual blessing.

What is your biggest dream, goal, wish or desire? Whatever it is, I hope my story about David Hasselhoff inspired you to go for it and never ever give up!

David with his daughters Taylor Anne & Hayley Amber



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