February 14, 2016

Which celebrity inspired me to finish my first book “Destination: Freedom” part 2 from 4

Which celebrity inspired & encouraged me to finish my first book “Destination: Freedom”

part 2 from 4
Not long after, on November 26th, 1990, David returned to Switzerland. This time he was to make an appearance on Swiss National TV. There was a big announcement in the newspaper a week before he came. It was early in the morning when I read it on my way to school. I knew that this was my chance. I asked my friend a favor. I wanted her to send a letter to the TV station and pretend that she wanted to surprise me. The plan actually worked and we were invited to see the show rehearsal before the live show. I was so excited, I could hardly think straight. I couldn’t wait to see him. But what would I say to him? What would I ask? And would I be able to look into his deep blue eyes? He was so much taller than me, after all. I really wanted to give him a present so I decided to paint a picture for him. I didn’t have much time left, so I decided to make a black and white portrait of him with his wonderful wife Pamela and his adorable daughter Taylor Anne.
Finally, the day came - the day I had been waiting for so long. We arrived at the station and were shocked to see that we weren’t the only children there. There were loads of children with cancer who wanted to see David. There were about 600 kids in wheel chairs. It was such sad sight!
It didn’t take long and David arrived at the studio. And there he was, real and in person. He looked dazzling, like always.  A tall slim man with a leather jacket and leather pants. I was also dressed very neatly and wearing my David-jacket that mom had surprised me with on New Year. I wanted to be as cool as my Idol. David looked at the kids and waved. He showed us his enchanting smile, which gave so many children strength. We were all mesmerized by him. His presence alone made us all so happy. It’s hard to describe. You should have been there!
David was there to promote his single Crazy for You. When the Playback began, I took my chance and ran to him. I wanted to make sure I would give him my painting. I had put it in a frame that was almost as big as me. No matter what I had to get it into his hands. So, while he was performing, I ran past the cameras and cables and reached my goal at last. The people working there weren’t happy about it, of course, but I couldn’t care less.
David was standing on the stairs with his back to me. I waited until he turned around and gave him my painting. He was so surprised that he forgot his text. He looked me in the eyes and said “Thank you!”
I was right: He had the most beautiful blue eyes I could ever imagine – they went right through me. I was thrilled. But I tried to control myself and ran back to my seat. He finished his performance and approached the host of the show. After he was done, he was about to leave. I took my chance again and ran after him. I at least wanted an autograph. There were workers from the studio in my way but they let me pass. I caught up with him in the hallway. He was in a hurry and told some lady something about interviews and radio and that he would be right back. I saw a Taxi waiting outside the door. But while he was still talking to the lady, I grabbed his arm and refused to let go. He was very tall but not as strong and muscular as I had imagined. When he finished talking, he looked down to me and saw my self-made autograph card. He said: How nice. You did this yourself? Do you have anything to write with?”
But I – normally ready for any situation – didn’t have a pen. And neither did David. But then, I spotted a pen and gave it to him right away. David signed my card, looked at me with such a kind look in his eyes and said: “ Sorry, but I have to go! Take care. Bye!” That was it – and my hero was gone. He got into the cab and left. I was so happy, on the one hand, and so unhappy, on the other. I didn’t know what to feel anymore. But I guess I wasn’t quite as confused as the little boy standing next to me waiting for me to return his pen. I said, “Thank you! At least you can say that David held this pen in his hand.”
David with his beautiful wife & daughters
I don’t think I will ever forget this day. I had come so close to my goal but couldn’t really speak to David. The following weeks, I was very confused and cried a lot. I don’t really know why but mom understood and tried to comfort me.
The years passed and I kept myself informed about David’s activities professionally and private. I still gathered everything I could get about him. I never spent any money on the magazines but I knew how to get the articles and posters anyway. Everyone at school knew what a huge fan I was of David’s and so I started trading with the kids in my class and even older classes. They gave me everything they found about David and I gave them chewing gum. I was such a big fan that I even signed all of my school-books and notebooks with Lily Hasselhoff. I wished he were my father – the dream daddy I never had. 
Stayed tuned for part 3 from 4
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