February 11, 2016

Which celebrity inspired me to finish my first book “Destination: Freedom”

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Which celebrity inspired & enouraged me to finish my first book “Destination: Freedom”
As you read on my blog in my post "Let it go, delete and move on" I said that I wont  waste my time, my mind and my energy, my feelings and emotions on people that don’t appreciate me, when I only benefit from good memories and positive people that inspired me.
Ever since I remember he was my ray of hope in the darkness. He has been an inspiration to many of his fans with his TV Shows and music. But for me he was and still is much more than just an Entertainer. He was the missing father I never had. When my father and later stepfather left us, I desperately needed a strong male shoulder in my life. In all of those years of desperation and helplessness – in the years from 1989 to 1994, to be exact – there was someone else who gave me faith and strength, apart from my mom and my painting, of course.

It may sound weird to you, but a person whom I had never met before became my hero. He became a protective father figure which every girl needs. I found this figure in the American actor and singer David Hasselhoff. Of course, most girls had a crush on some boy band singer at that age. But my feelings for David were much stronger.

When I read his biography (The First Big Book about David Hasselhoff and K.I.T.T. – Knight Rider), I not only admired him, I adored and respected him for his optimism, attitude, humanity and heart. In his TV role in Knight Rider, he played a strong protector – a man and his car fighting against the evils in the world. They fought for justice and freedom and I was convinced that there was a considerable part of David’s personality in his role as Michael Knight and later as Mitch Buchanan in Baywatch. But this all-rounder also impressed me with his music.
Especially with his hit single Looking for Freedom, which went straight to my heart. Even more so when he sang the song on the Berlin Wall in front of half a million people: I’ve been Looking for Freedom, I’ve been looking so long, I’ve been Looking for Freedom, still the search goes on.  I’ve been Looking for Freedom, since I left my home town, I’ve been Looking for Freedom, still it can’t be found.

It felt as though David was singing for me alone. Mom and I had left our home in order to find freedom and still hadn’t found it. Like many refugees, mom and I were watching these moving moments on TV on NewYear’s Eve in 1989 and cried.

For many of us, David became a Symbol. For young and old, male and female, he was their hero. Everybody respected him and I wished that this special person who meant so much to me and gave me hope and strength through his shows and music would one day stand in front to me and look straight at me with his beautiful blue eyes. I did all I could to make this happen. I entered all Meet & Greet contests, but I was never lucky. Still, I didn’t give up. One day, I came a little bit closer to my goal.

It was February 1990 and I was 13. The magical car K.I.T.T. from the TV show Knight Rider was displayed at a shopping center in Zurich. I went to see it with mom and I can hardly describe how excited I was. Of course, I knew that K.I.T.T. couldn’t really talk – the excitement was because of David and the fact that he had sat in this car before.
Mom did me a huge favor and paid for me to be able to sit in the car for a few minutes. I was so excited! But it wasn’t enough yet. I continued entering all contests and gathered all pieces of information, posters etc. about David. I kept track of his activities and life. I especially adored him for his charity work for children with cancer. That proved to me once more what a wonderful person he had to be.
On May 6th, 1990 David gave his first concert  in my City – his "Looking for Freedom tour" - and finally I had the chance to see him live. Mom’s working colleague knew how much David meant to me and surprised us with three tickets for the concert. I was overjoyed and counted the days until the concert. Not only would I see David at last, it was also my first pop concert ever.

I was overwhelmed and the concert was a huge spectacle. Of course, I could only see David from afar, but it was better than nothing. I really enjoyed the show and sang along with every song. Of course, I didn’t really understand all of the lyrics because at that time I didn’t understand English that well. But that was okay.
At the beginning of the show, there was an announcement that David became a father to a daughter the night before. When I heard that, I fought back tears. I don’t know why but it touched me deep inside. I was so moved and my emotions were going wild. I think I probably envied his baby because I wished that he were my father. 
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