February 04, 2016

#Lilywood - My Hollywood Classic Movie Review of "Some Like It Hot"

Film tile: Some Like It Hot
Country: USA
Language: English
Directed & produced by: Billy Wilder
Genre: Classic Comedy
Release Date: March 1959 (USA)
Runtime: 120 min
Color: Black and White
Specials: The film was produced in black and white, even though color films were increasing in popularity.

As I wrote in my X-Mas post I really do miss the old Hollywood productions! And I truly think that it is a tragedy that the young generation has absolutely no clue about the old good Hollywood movies. So as I already said in December I’m starting with a Film Review series about Hollywood classic movies and call it #Lilywood.

In my opinion the best music is the music from the 80s and the best Films are the Classic Hollywood productions from the 50 & 60s. I feel blessed that I was introduced to these timeless stories of love, friendship and family by my beautiful mother Sima.

If I have to decide which one of the films is my absolute favorite movie of all time than it is without a doubt “Some like it hot” by Billy Wilder.

Why? Because I can watch this film over and over again. I never ever get bored. The story (one hell of a script) is one thing. But what I love the most about this movie are the actors. Marylin Monroe as beautiful as ever. Jack Lemmon my favorite actor of all time is hilarious. His hysterical performances is exceptional. Tony Curtis is a typical want-to-be Casanova – handsome, irresistible, romantic and successful. The sort of honorable man that every man from every generation and in every century tries and wishes hard to be.

Joe (Tony Curtis) and Jerry (Jack Lemmon), two working-class musicians, a saxophonist and bassist live and work in Chicago. On a regular day where they are once again disparately looking for a new gig they do end up being in the wrong place at the wrong time and witness a massacre by Chicago gangsters.

However Joe and Jerry manage to escape during the shoot guns. However one of the shoots at them succeeds in hitting Jerry's bass. Joe and Jerry are now on the run for their life’s. Full of fear and broke as they are, they accept the only available job they know of which is in a girl band heading to Florida.

So they end up at the train station as Josephine and Daphne, the replacement saxophone and bass players. Being in a girl band with Sugar (Marylin Monroe), the sweet, sexy, naïve and desperately romantic leading singer who also plays the ukulele is for sure every man’s dream. Joe falls in love with Sugar from minute one. Jerry/Daphne on the other hand has met a millionaire, Osgood Fielding III (Joe E. Brown) already on their day of Arrival in Florida. The old millionaire Osgood fancies Daphne and has serious intensions.

However Joe and Jerry have to be careful and hide their true identity. Otherwise they will be kicked out of the girl-band. So while Joe and Jerry are trying to keep their true identities hidden and continue pretending to be Josephine and Daphne the gangsters from Chicago arrive and check in the same hotel for a meeting. Jerry and Joe, in the lobby, spot the Mafia murderers immediately and get into the elevator to return to their room. But are caught by them when they recognize the bullet holes on Joe’s bass from when the two escaped in Chicago.





God bless your beautiful Souls - RIP

Sugar with Joe & Jerry                                            Sugar with Josephine & Daphne

I Love Jack Lemmons face here. Look at Tony Curtis pose.


So the question is will Joe and Jerry survive? Will Joe and Sugar end up together happily ever after? What will Daphne do with Osgoods marriage proposal? Will Joe and Jerry find true endless Love regardless of their false identity? I’m not going to tell you more. All I can say is this movie is extremely funny, romantic and full of action. It is the perfect movie to escape from daily life and worries. You will laugh through the entire film because of the conversations between Josephine and Daphne. Two completely different characters that have to function as ONE, due to the frightening and challenging situation that they are both trapped in. I have many favorite scenes but my four highlights are:

1.      The first night on the train when Joe/Daphne is enjoying watching naked and sexy girls preparing for sleep.

2.      The second scene is the romantic evening of Joe/Daphne with Osgood the millionaire where they dance Tango all night long.

3.      The third scene is the moment where Jerry is lying on the bed and tells Joe he's engaged; when Joe asks "Who's the lucky girl?"  Jerry says he is himself because Osgood proposed to Daphne.
4. And last but not least ofcourse the scene when Daphne and Sugar come back from the beach and find Josephine in her hotel room taking a bath!

When my mom and I were in Los Angeles we visited the graves of actors Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon, Billie Wilder, Dean Martin and Walter Matthau, who are all buried in the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery. We put flowers on their graves. It was such a sad and strange feeling to be in that cemetery. As a huge fan of the Movie "Some Like It Hot" it was specially a strange feeling for me to be standing on Jack Lemmon’s grave, who had only passed away a few months before.

And when I approached Walter Matthau’s grave, who is separated from Jack Lemmon’s grave by no one less than the legendary filmmaker Billie Wilder, I felt moved. It felt as though a spirit was there watching us. Call me crazy, but somebody actually tipped on my shoulder. So I said to my mom jokingly: “Walter is probably very happy about our visit. I bet he’s just telling his best friend Jack Lemmon:Holy moly, I’ve get a load of these two blondes!” But I didn’t just imagine this feeling. Somebody also tapped my mom’s shoulder. We both agreed that something about the atmosphere was different. We are sure that a spirit was just showing us how happy he was about our visit.

God bless your Soul - RIP

Watch the movie and you will be happy as well. "Some Like It Hot" is considered with good reason to be one of the greatest film comedies of all time. Trust me this movie is THE BEST therapy for your soul.

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  1. Love the blog, Lily! It makes me happy to see how you're dedicating to reviewing the old classics of Hollywood. It is really needed in our time. Just fix up some of the typos in your reviews and you've got a killer blog!

    1. Thank you very much Trevor for your Kind comment. Happy to hear that you like #Lilywood.:-)
      My best wishes.