January 10, 2016

True Love never dies!


Ever since I’m working on my third and last part of my trilogy “Definition of Love” I ask myself daily: “What is love”? And I came to the conclusion that regardless of who we love if it is sincere and from the heart than for me Love is not a game. Love is not a strategy. Love is not toying, acting, pretending and using. Love is not about tactic, self-profit or self-interest.

Love is friendship.

Love is connection.

Love is unity.

Love is trust.

Love is honesty.

Love is integrity.

Love is loyalty.

Love is forgiving.

Love is believing.

Love is joy.

Love is sacrifice.

Love is protecting.

Love is hope.

Love is happiness.

Love is inspiration.

Love is reliability.

Love is appreciation.

Love is respect.

Love is sharing.

Love is caring.

Love is compassion.

Love is empathy.

Love is goosebumps, passion and devotion.

Love is past, present and future.

Love is stars, moon and the sun all in one.

Love is emotional, spiritual & physical firework!

Love is not only about sharing good and bad times. Love is not only about sharing the bed and the closet. Love is not only enjoying the sunrise and the sunset. Love is sharing all kinds of emotions and feelings, secrets and desires, wishes and dreams. Love is spending precious life time together. Love is experiencing and creating precious memories.
Love is not changing, but accepting and tolerating. Love is not arguing but compromise. Love is not emotional struggle but emotional security. Love is not taking but giving. Love is not complicated but effortless. Love is not difficult but easy. Love is not feeling empty but complete. Love is not exploiting but sacrificing. Love is not suffering but enjoying.

Love is kindness, understanding and selfless support. Love is the most priceless gift you can give and receive. Love is togetherness. Love is laughing and crying together. Love is limitless, timeless, endless commitment. Love is eternity. Love is fearless and doubtless trust. True love is priceless. True Love is unconditional.

While I was working on my book a certain person truly impressed me and touched my heart. I’m talking about Khloé Kardashian Odom. Best known from the American Reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”.
For me Khloe is the symbol for unconditional, devoted and unbreakable Love. If you followed the news you probably have heard about her almost-divorced husband Lamar Odem, the American former professional basketball players tragic accident.

Lamar Odom was fighting for his life after a crack-cocaine and opiate-fueled weekend at a Nevada brothel. Yes you got it right. Lamar was in a brothel, found unconscious with every imaginable drug in his 35-year-old's system and saved by prostitutes.
The Ex-NBA star who had collapsed in the brothel caused by a drug- and Viagra overdose after suffering multiple strokes had only a 50% chance of survival. It was said that he was on kidney dialysis and had also suffered brain damage.
What is more humiliating for a woman than this? I honestly don’t know what I would have done if I was in Khloe’s shoes? The situation was hard enough as a soon-to-be-ex-wife. But as a woman in public eye it must have been one of the toughest and saddest moments in her life.
But as lovely, selfless and supporting as Khloe is, after hearing the tragic news of his collapse, Odom's soon to be-ex-wife Khloe Kardashian rushed to be at his side in a Hospital in Las Vegas without any hesitation. Thank God the couple was legally still married though the two had signed divorce papers weeks before the accident. The document had yet to be processed. So Khloe was still able to make life-saving medical decisions for Lamar.
That’s what true love is about. Selfless support and care despite everything. Truthfully how many Women would have done that? How many men would have done that?

If we are honest the answer is not many. But that’s what true Love is about. Khloe is an angel in a human body and I hope for her and Lamar’s sake that this horrible experience will not only safe their marriage, but also safe their unconditional love for each other.
I hope Lamar will have a full recovery and appreciate his wonderful and loyal wife with a heart of gold.
I also hope that Lamar’s tragedy is a lesson for irresponsible, heartless and selfish cheaters. Man as well as woman. Don’t take anyone who loves you, cares for your and supports you for granted. In fact nothing in this Life should be taken for granted. Most importantly not devoted, sincere, unconditional and selfless Love & Friendship!
God bless you Khloé Kardashian. You are truly an amazing lady.

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