December 31, 2015

My Highlights of 2015

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Who was your favorite artist of the year and why? (Can also be more than one Person)

Many talented people inspired me this year. But my personal highlight of 2015 was without a doubt seeing my “God of Music” Live in Concert. I’m talking about Mister Adam Lambert @adamlambert. Seeing and most importantly hearing him live on stage with Queen was a night I will always remember. Not only was it very emotional, because of Freddie Mercury of course. Encase you don’t know Freddie Mercury  (born as Farrokh Bulsara) was famous as a British singer, songwriter and producer, but in fact he was originally from Persia, today Iran. An icon that will be always remembered for his talent and his great music.

Seeing the other two original band members Mister Brian May and Mister Roger Taylor was truly overwhelming. And Adam Lambert, well he is truly gifted from God with Look, charm, a breathtaking smile and of course a beautiful voice. Adam made a fabulous job as the new front man from Queen. Wondering why I call Adam Lambert my “God of Music”?

Because Adam Lamberts voice heals me. Whenever I feel miserable, unmotivated or uninspired I listen to Adam Lamberts voice and I’m cured. This is no joke, totally serious. I have no explanation why, but he is my personal healer! God bless him and his talent. I can’t wait to see him performing Live again.

If I ever manage to find the right composers and produce a Soundtrack for my book, Musical, and Film project, I love Adam Lambert to sing some of my lyrics.

Who is your person of the year and why? (It can be a celebrity or someone from your private circle. You can mention more than one person if you want.)

My beautiful and talented mom Sima is the most inspiring Woman I know personally. She is always grateful, positive thinking and optimistic no matter what. Sima is probably if not definitely the biggest defender of God. Because regardless of all the problems, issues and obstacles we had and still have to deal with daily, she never ever loses her faith, her strong believe, full trust and appreciation in God. Only her positive attitude encourages me not to lose my faith and give up my hopes, desires, goals and dreams. Without her love, care, trust and support I would be completely lost.


The German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the second person of the year. Her incredible support for Refugees was historical. She surprised me themost with her politic decisions in the Refugee crises. Merkel has been criticized by many people around the world and the  Refugee issue has divided Europe’s policy and humanity extremely. But I have no doubt, that one day in history Mama Merkel will be remembered and hopefully appreciated as the symbol for humanity!

As I have posted in my blog in October I admire Caitlyn Jenner @Caitlyn_Jenner  formerly known as Bruce Jenner (for many Reality viewers, the stepfather of Kim Kardashian) for her honesty and courage of outing herself as a transgender. I still can’t believe what he/she went through in 65 years of his/her Life and I hope she will now find the inner peace and happiness that she was hoping for in her entire life.

Having said that, my third person of the year is Kris Jenner @KrisJenner. She was married to Bruce Jenner for 25 years. I admire her strength to deal with this exceptional public outing of her husband and father of her two daughters. As a woman if your partner cheats on you it is hurtful. If your partner decides to become gay it is disappointing. But after 25 years of marriage accepting and dealing with your husband as a transgender is not an easy task. It is painful, hurtful and for many reasons extremely humiliating. I hope for her sake that she will move on and start a new chapter without looking back and questioning her life and her feelings for this man.  

As you see my three person of the year all are Woman, because I admire and respect powerful woman for their incredible strengths and personalities.

What songs were your Highlight-Songs of the year and why?

Beside Song titles from Adam Lambert my top 3 favorite artists/songs are:

Conchita Wurst @conchitawurst (Eurovision Song contest winner 2014. Her entire Album, “Conchita” especially songs like: That’s what I am” and “Unbreakable”.  I adore her personality and love her voice and lyrics. She’s also one of the artists I love to co-operate with for my soundtrack one day.

 A Million Voices” by Polina Gagarina @Gagaraofficial  (A Russian singer. Made second place at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015), Love the message of the song.

What TV show was your favorite program and why?
Even though in my opinion TV programs have changed negatively and we don’t see any family-oriented shows anymore, I still love watching TV. The most relaxing activity, where your brain can stop for a while and escape from the daily hassles.
I remember as a kid when I came back from school and my mum was still at work, I immediately turned on the TV.  I wasn’t necessarily watching the program. I just didn’t like the silence and TV’s noise protected me from feeling lonely and scared.
My favorite show this year is for sureDrop dead divaplayed by the super talented American Actress and singer Brooke Elliott @real_brooke. I love her character as Jane Bingham, a brilliant, hardworking attorney. If you know the show than you can imagine what I love about the story. The idea that she dies as a shallow supermodel and comes back to Earth and starts a new life as an Attorney in a new body is fascinating. But what I love the most about the show is her devoted Love for Grayson. The fiancé of her “old” body” Deb and her strong wish and believe that Grayson will fall in love with her “new body“ Jane and her old “soul” Deb again. A beautiful love story with hopefully a happily “cheesy” Hollywood Ending! I just love cheesy romantic stories! :-)

I not only love her acting, but Brooke Elliott’s amazing voice. She is such a talent. If I can ever manage to bring my memoir on stage, I want her to play my “Angel of Hope”. She would be just perfect. Imagining her singing my lyrics, my messages of hope, love and peace would be a dream come true.

What was your favorite movie of the year? (Can also be more than one and a movie on DVD)
To be honest, I didn’t go to the Cinema this year at all. I prefer to watch movies on DVD at home. I see allot of films, because I love movies. But if I have to choose my highlights on DVD that I watched this year, than it would be an old Movie “The Pianist”. A historical drama film co-produced and directed by Roman Polanski, starring Adrien Brody.

It is based on the autobiographical book “The Pianist”, a World War II memoir. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. The film was awarded with 3 Oscars and 1 Golden Palme of Cannes. I hope one day my memoir will be on Screen too and hopefully also awarded. 

My second favorite film on DVD is “Myname is Khan” starring Sharukh Khan. An Indian Muslim man with Asperger's syndrome takes a challenge to speak to the President of USA. Not only do I love his innocent and super honest character, but also Sharukh Khans acting. I think no one else could have played it so believable. He’s brilliant like always.

What was your most inspiring Book of the year?

The most inspiring book for me was “Thestory of Anne Frank“. On my mums birthday last year we went to Amsterdam and we visited “The Anna Frank House”. Being in this historical building and reading her memoir afterwards was very touching.

Facing the fears of death 70 years ago explained by a young German-born diarist and writer (13 years old). One of the most discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust and having the exact same feelings and fears as a war-refugee myself (10 years old), decades later and now the refugees from 2015 prove that the world hasn’t changed at all.

The humans haven’t learned anything. The rulers in this world keep repeating the same stupid mistakes and unfortunately again only the innocents are the victims of greed for power. Anna’s story gave me the energy that I very much needed to continue the work on my second memoir because at that time I was struggling with writing and I had difficulties to finish it.

Where was your favorite place of the year?
This year I spend most of my time in my home-office or on the balcony with writing. But on my short vacation to Barcelona for my mums round Birthday we spend an afternoon in Park Güell, created by the Master Anton Gaudi.
It is the most beautiful park I have ever seen. If I ever produce a romantic movie, I would shoot “a romantic proposal scene” in this beautiful park.

What was your favorite Quote or Link from the Social media and why? (From Twitter, Youtube, FB and Instagram. Can also be more than one.)

For me this is the most difficult questions, because there are so many Quotes that helped me during this year. So I had to take some time to decide which one is my favorite Quote:

" How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you."
" Being a good person doesn’t depend on your religion, status in life, race, skin color, political views or culture. It depends on how you treat others."

" Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit."
" Believe in yourself, your dreams, wishes, desires & goals, even if others don’t."

" Friendship is the most precious gift in life. Many people will step in & out of your life.But only truly honest, loving and caring friends will leave a footstep in your heart."
" Friendship means understanding, not agreement. It means forgiveness, not forgetting. It means the memories last, even if the contact is lost."
" Waiting is a sign of true love and patience. Anyone can say 'I love you,' but not everyone can wait and prove it's true."

I have no favorite Link on Facebook, because as you probably know by now, Lily Amis is not a Fan of Facebook! :-) But these two clips are my favorite Videos on Youtube. They speak for themselves. No explanation needed! :-)



Which Moment / Occasion / experience/event was your “professional” highlight of the year? (Positive or negative)
Ever since I overcame a very difficult work experience in a horrible work environment by getting bullied, overcoming sexual and emotional harassment by a narcissistic jerk (my former boss) and dealing with burnout and depression afterwards, I have finally changed my life’s path by taking control over my own destiny.

I don’t let anyone or any company or boss treat me the way I was treated ever again. I also won’t allow bureaucracies and Unemployment laws STOP me any day longer from becoming an Independent Author.

Believed or not the Unemployment problems in Europe consider now people in my age as “OLD”. It has become impossible to find a serious and long job contract with a fair salary. New Unemployment laws seriously expect job seekers to work for Free in companies and let them take advantage of one’s financial needs. But not with me! Not anymore. As an Indie-Author I am everything but unemployed! It is a full-time job and I continue it until I succeed!
Since 2014 I have published nine books. But the most challenging one emotionally was the second part of my trilogy “Definition of Freedom“ that I’m very proud of,. There were times where I seriously thought I would never ever be able to finish it. But not only did I end it in German, I also took care of the translation into English myself before I handed over for professional editing and polishing in UK. And if I may say I’m extremely proud of myself for this achievement. I am gifted with many different talents that I can now combine and from now on I only focus on my strengths. Becoming an Independent Author & Illustrator for adults and children, a Social media Agent and Blogger all in one in a short matter of time are my professional highlight of the year.

Which moment/occasion/experience/event was your “personal” highlight of the year? (Positive or negative)

For sure the Refugee crises in summer 2015. When I decided in June to promote the first book of my trilogy “Destination: Freedom”, I had NO clue that the refugees issue would become the topic of this year. Seeing these desperate families with innocent children coming to Europe with completely false hopes and expectations broke my heart.

My mum and I, we watched the news daily and we both had mixed feelings. On the one hand I completely understand their desire for a better life. On the other hand I know firsthand what a difficult journey and future they’re facing. These refugees have NO idea that becoming a refugee basically means giving up on your life, your future, hopes, dreams and goals.
You leave your identity, pride, personal freedom and dignity behind for NOTHING in return.

The other tragic events was of course the Paris Attacks in November. One of the saddest moments in Europe after the refugee crises. My mum and I couldn’t stop watching the News. We both love the city and have precious memories of it. The thought that this beautiful place has become a mass grave of innocent young people is just heartbreaking. The thought that we left Asia for a better future and a safe life in Europe and realizing now that even Europe is not a safe place anymore is truly shocking. History is repeating and it’s horrifying. I pray to God that we don’t have to face another war again. I’m very concerned about our future and a possible WW3.

Twenty-eight years ago my mum and I left our home because of war and fear. Back than nobody showed any compassion. Instead we were punished with bureaucracy.

This year Millions of refugees are coming from all these war-countries and finally EU has to act and do some changes to the Refugee Law. I honestly hope and pray that the governments will find a fast and human solution to integrate these people in EU ASAP. That was always my wish and my goal with my memoir: Change the Refugee law which is now happening by a higher power and this is my personal highlight of the year!

So these were my personal Highlights of 2015! What were your Highlights? I tag the following people and look very much foward to read your answers. Please join me for 2015 and all the years to come.  

If you don’t have a personal blog, don’t worry, just email me your answers to: and I will post “your Highlights” on my blog for you and sent you the link!

FYI: I need a break and won't be active on Twitter & on my blog in the next weeks!
I will post the reason for my break in the next days.

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