December 24, 2015

Don’t you just miss the old Hollywood productions?

#asklily  Don’t you just miss the old Hollywood productions?

Specialy on Christmas? First of all Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you are having a precious time with your loved ones.

Christmas is one of the most relaxing times, where families gather and enjoy watching movies together. But don’t you just miss the good old times when TV Shows such as “Little House on the Prairie” or “Highway to Heaven  produced by American actor, writer, director and Producer Michael Landon (October 31, 1936 – July 1, 1991) meant family gathering and Entertainment?
Later in the 80s and 90s TV shows such as “The Love Boat, “Dynasty”, “Beverly Hills 90210 and ”7th Heaven produced by Aaron Spelling (April 22, 1923 – June 23, 2006) entertained and taught us about Live. It was all about family, friendship, love and caring.

These days though when you turn on the TV to relax and have an enjoyable evening that distracts you from your own problems and worries, you only see TV Shows about Crime. CSI NY, CSI Miami, CSI blablabla!
Or you see Reality Shows such as “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” or Music Shows like “The Idol” or "The Voice" filled with useless and annoying Advertisement!

Sometimes the Ads take so long, that I forget what I was watching in the first place and I decide to turn off the TV. Because I feel like I’m losing precious lifetime for nothing. I’m filling my head with rubbish instead of relaxing. I’m sick of it. I honestly can’t watch these craps anymore.
What happened to our world? Do we only feel entertained when we watch Crime on TV Chanels such as TLC? If TV productions and Hollywood Movies represent our society… well boy I feel ashamed for living in this century. If all we have in our minds is either Crime or Sex, than I don’t want to guess how the future will be in a decade? If being a celebrity means public humiliation in TV Reality Shows than I wonder why anyone want to be a celebrity in the first place?
God bless Filmmaker and Actor Michael Landon and Film producer Aaron Spellings soul. Where are the next Landons and Spellings?

To all the people in the TV and Film industry, please have a heart for us and our next generation! Please stop producing crap. Start producing meaningful, touching and educating TV Shows and Movies that will last like all my favorite Hollywood productions with timeless and talented actresses and actors such as Audrey Hepburn, Doris Day, Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, James Stewart and Rock Hudson.

Audrey Hepburn †
For God sake forget all the crap with special effects like movies by German Hollywood Filmmaker Roland Emmerich where his only passion seems to be destroying planet Earth in all his movies. Only God knows how difficult and disturbed his childhood must have been or what emotional complexes he has to deal with now?!

Film and TV Makers have a huge responsibility, but all they care for is making fast and easy money by producing trash and crime. No wonder the young generation has become so violent, disrespectful and loveless. No wonder kids become criminal by watching violent TV programs and playing violet computer games!

Marilyn Monroe †
No wonder kids have NO love and respect for parents, family and friends anymore. No wonder young boys have NO respect for girls and man NO respect for woman!

Also I think it is truly a tragedy that they don't know anything about these old good movies at all. The new generation has no clue about the timeless actors and actresses of Hollywood! That’s why I have decided to start a new Review-Series, where I will write Reviews about my favorite Hollywood classic movies and share them with my followers! So stay tuned!

These handsome man are NOT replaceable and Completely out of stock! GOD bless the real stars from Hollywood! May they soul RIP. You were truly one of a kind.
Cary Grant †

Gregory Peck †

Rock Hudson †

James Stewart †

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